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Slow generation of fatigue
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As a soldier of any type, can move very long distances with seemingly little fatigue generated particularly in terms of hindrance to further movement. I can run up some rather steep gradients without a seeming effect on my fatigue levels (even a slight incline would ramp up fatigue more quickly). As of yet it seems weight on a soldier does not effect fatigue (ie weapons/items carried). Varying stances and speeds do not seem to differ in fatigue produced currently.


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Spawn as a soldier in the editor or load up the Infantry showcase.

Switch between stances, Sprint, run up varying mountain gradients etc..

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I see that in the Field Journal included in game that fatigue is to be effected by current load. It seems that my weapon sway is effected, yet it doesn't seem to effect my ability to get right back up and keep moving fast. Perhaps it is a problem with my perception and I am just used to fatigue in your games and that this is not as absent as I think.

In all probability fatigue generation simply isn't dialled in tightly yet, but I consider the generation of fatigue to have been a key feature in infantry play in previous ARMA/OFP games by BiS.

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After a bit your soldier will stop sprinting (first stage) then will later stop jogging (second stage) and will force you to slow walk until you recover some stamina.

It works and, as you said, it's influenced by the load.

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I don't think it's affected by time acceleration. I sprinted halfway across Stratis at 4x acceleration with a full AT load.

Sprinting is working much better for me now, after loading up today I get the fatigue stages from sprinting which I didn't get a great deal of the previous days, the new patch didn't address fatigue afaik so probably just a bug with my client.

At other speeds though fatigue generation still seems very slow, in particular when moving up a gradient/crossing gradients I can cover a lot of territory before I need to take a rest.

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agree on that 100%. you cannot load 1200 rounds of 6.5 and still run the same as anybody else.

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Closing due to lack of activity in over five months. If this issue is still reproducable for you, please create a new ticket for it or ask for this one to be re-opened.