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Analogously door operation (like RainbowSix3)
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Now the door can only be either opened or closed(since OFP).In RinbowSix3,the door can be operated analogously by mouse scroller,so it's able to just open a gap for recon or throw a grenade.


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see 5824, 3376, 3914, 4900

I've removed the second part of your ticket (door breaching) since that is already covered by #3914.

Support. This is a good idea. "Splinter Cell" (2002), had a similar option.

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@Deadfast ,Thanks for that remind.But how about the "force" issue? I don't wanna see a normal human can slowly push someone who stand next to the door,or other interactivable object do their job (like truss stretch or rotation) and push through almost anything getiing in their way.

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Setting status back to "new", since feature requests should not be approved by moderators.

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I support this. I would add that it might go well also on windows. Example, you are in house and see on street enemies. To avoid, that enemies recognise you after first shot, you can open window partially and shoot them through slit.

I think this is a bit odd, the reason you did this mouse scroll thing in RAINBOW SIX was specifically because there were Hostages, Terrorists and Bombs etc, and you wanted to get the drop on them with the minimum of exposure in order that they don't kill the hostage or blow the bomb, or spot you and shoot you.

In ARMA if there is Enemy the other-side of the door "Brass-it-#@%!ing-up". This isn't some Softly - Softly/ or Super-Dynamic-Hostage-Rescue. Kick in the door, lob in a Grenade, gun down anyone still alive. There is no finesse in clearing buildings, it's a bit of Hollywood mythology. It's dirty brutal, and you don't spare the ammo.

Watch these Badass Gurka's do the Business.

They would know you are in the Building, so the whole idea of being Stealthy is a bit misconstrued.

Don't believe me? Watch this.. No such thing as Stealth when you are storming Buildings, PC Games and Hollywood Bollox have made everyone believe otherwise. In reality you are screaming orders, warnings, and general acting in an intimidating manner.

This suggest was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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I'm sorry but you have no idea what you're talking about. You're making room clearing seem black and white, when that's not the case, at all. Yes, in instances like Fallujah where you had insurgents barricaded it was loud, dirty, and you didn't spare any ammo.

On the other hand, go read books about how various SOCOM groups in Afghanistan and Iraq did room clearing. They didn't follow standard by the book procedures at all. They didn't yell or talk much, they were quick but stealthy as hell, and would enter buildings, and shoot guys in their sleep with MP7s and other really quiet weapons once suppressed.

They did exactly the kind of things OP mentioned, like cracking doors open and etc.

I really hope the devs don't utilize your misconstrued black and white view of CQB, because it is highly dependent on the situation, not just all loud banging and crashing through doorways.

@Crierd Did you actually watch the video's I put in there....

The ones of actual troops in the field storming buildings.

SOCOM Books, so you read some books on Special Forces...You do realise that Special forces aren't like the rest of the military, hence Special. You need to ween yourself off special forces porn and media crap and learn how the Military (not special forces) storm buildings and conduct FIBUA / OBIUA / MOUT. Special forces Fan-boyism is a bit pathetically really, it demeans the thousands of Men and women in Uniform who are just as professional, skilled and brave, they just have a different role or job to perform. Adolescents and wierdo's seem to perpetuate this Special Forces Media trash. Special forces are exactly that highly specialized, they use non-standard tactics for non-standard operations. They make up about 5% of British Forces.

I have done 4 tours (3 Telic, 1 Herrick) in the last 10 years with the British Army. Don't tell me "What you read in a SOCOM book".

Would tell a Doctor your expert medical opinion based on the fact you watched an episode ER? Or pretend your were a Legal Eagle because you saw Denny Crane on Boston Legal?

I hope the Dev's do see it my way, because it will mean ARMA remains focused on Infantry and not "ANOTHER GENERIC SPECIAL FORCES TYPE GAME". Realism is what ARMA's about and it is alot closer than most.

If you learned how to be a Soldier by reading books, we wouldn't spend Millions a year teaching them in the Field at the Infantry Training school in Catterick or Brecon.

since you are dishing out authorities, experiences and all that, I am not going to argue with you about the operating procedure of room clearing in standard operations, as it is true that I lack those things.

However as a consumer who aim to improve the quality of the game, I will point out that we care more about options and freedom of experience. If I want to learn about the real procedures of room clearing, sure I can take it to the in-service soldiers, and attend drills and lectures. Having an option to open doors Analogously does not hinder my ability of doing so.

However, this ability adds realism and freedom to the sandbox and my experience. What we as sandbox lovers want is the ability to do things that we can do in reallife, not what we NEED to do in reallife. We freely and truly experience the effect and consequences of our every action, and we find enjoyment within.

We could argue this back and forth alot. But the fundamental issue here is that ARMA doesn't handle interaction well, for example giving first aid etc to a Solider on the ground. The Distance which you can access a backpack etc, this game isn't as precise in it's geo-spatial coding due to the complexity of what it's trying to do.

So there are two issues here

1, Should it be done?
2, Could it be done?

1, I think not, this is an Infantry Simulation, not Rainbow Six.
2, I also think not, the ability to have this level of "Granular Control" is not a feature you see on this Engine.

Examples being the opening or Vehicle, Hatches or doors, or turning out. There isn't a nice animation for it, it is simply on or off. You are either in a vehicle or not, there is not "Transitional Animation". You don't have animations for every interaction, and you would need to, equally doors would need alot of attention to allow you to code this function.

From a Sandbox perspective, yes it would be great, but in the great list of things we want in the Sandbox, this is extremely low down that list of priorities. There are hundreds of suggestions on this tracker, that merit investment of resource and time, and I'm afraid this isn't one of them.

Alpha isn't an endless Wish List, it's about trying to make it better within the constraints of the Resources (e.g the Engine, performance, coding time, human work time) with as much realism as you can possibly get within the limits of what they can achieve before they run out of money.

Saying you are a Consumer, and I am trying to make it better....Against what metric? Your opinion? One person's opinion of one thing varies to another, but when we are talking about "Hard Cash" it's not your money it's BIS that decides where it's money and resource goes and therefore they need to ensure that they are getting a return on investment and that means research, time, constraints, objectivity. Just because you like something doesn't mean it should or will be so.

hence the Voting structure, it combines realtime market research with suggestions. E.g if it's getting thousands of votes, it's likely to be a popular and worthwhile body of work.


Of course I saw the videos.

The rant you delved into regarding Special Forces fanboyism has nothing to do with this conversation, and quite frankly it's pathetic that you would drag the conversation down to that level rather than discuss the topic at hand.

I am well aware of how the military functions in its many capacities. I cited information from factual books and biographies to point out that stuff like cracking doors open to throw grenades, flashbangs, or peering into a room does happen. It's not some rare occurrence like you make it seem. Its not all blowing down or smashing doors, and if you think it is, you're really ignorant.

Reading a book by people who have been there and done that constitutes as equal knowledge to anything you have to offer here. The source of information one step removed doesn't make it any less valid. So please, go read a book if that suits you, or you want to continue to believe that somehow cracking doors open in real life doesn't happen.

No, I wouldn't give advice to doctors on how to perform a surgery because I saw ER, that's fiction. Not to mention, your example is outlandish. There's a huge technical gap between performing surgery and knowing that things do exist, such as cracking doors. Giant surprise, right? Use some common sense.

Well I once again sincerely hope the devs don't. Arma 3 is a game in 2013, it's about time we had a bit more polish in the series, and being able to crack doors open, or as you mentioned, have an animation when opening a turret isn't exactly a giant request, nor is it anything new for video games.

If you don't want the ability to crack doors open, just say it, but don't try and justify it by insulting others and implying retarded fanboyism when you can't come up with a good reason why more options in a game made in 2013 shouldn't be made available.

EDIT: I forgot to mention. Nobody, or at least I hope nobody is claiming this should take priority over clearly more important issues in the Alpha, such as optimization and AI, but at the same time, not supporting a solid idea put into a feature request because more things take precedent is just nonsensical. You should support it, with the takeaway that of course it shouldn't take high priority.

I can't believe I have to explain this, it's common sense.

As long as there is a way to just bust that door open by default, I fully support and dig this idea. It's always been silly to me when to throw a flash bang in a game like ArmA, you first have to kick down the door :p