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IDF (BLUFOR) needs female soldier options.
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I know that this game is being modeled after the IDF (BLUFOR) which is essentially Israel's main military force. The IDF has plenty of woman serving in their army, and some of these woman are even frontline combat troops.

Since ARMA 3 seems to be obviously geared towards realism, I just thought incase this wasn't already a ticket I would submit it as a recommendation.


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agreed. nato is idf, army infantry and uk. primarily. idf top. ye

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I didn't know it was being modelled on the IDF. Did I miss a meeting?

BLUFOR is NATO in Arma 3 and NATO isn't IDF.

(ARMA 3 is set in the near-future, during the mid-2030s, where NATO forces deployed in the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea are trying to hold off a massive Iranian military offensive from the east.)

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"I know that this game is being modeled after the IDF"

I would like to know how you know that - BLUFOR represents various NATO forces, and Israel is not a NATO member.

The only connection I can see here is that the TRG-20/21 are modelled on an Israeli weapon (the TAR-21), but at least currently they seem to be OPFOR weapons.

As for the actual issue of female soldiers, there are already a large number of posts about that, but bugs about missing units seem a bit odd. There are also no tanks or fixed-wing aircraft, for example, and I thought it was obvious that the Alpha contains a subset of the units that are planned for Arma 3.

That doesn't make sense, the Merkava tank is viewed in the screenshots..

But I guess I didn't pick up on that, I still se IDF equipment being used, and it would only make sense since Iran and Israel hate each other's guts.. Plus, the future might have Israel apart of NATO anyways.

@ArkanSvk No need to be so fucking hateful with racist insults like that.

or maybe IRAN has taken over Israel and is using its technology

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Hm, duplicate or spam?

IDF isn't in the game, although female characters would be nice to have.

Come on now stop with the BLUEFOR is IDF. BLUFOR is NATO in Arma 3 and NATO isn't IDF.

You also posted in the main female/male post about this should have female models since the game is built around IDF.

This is a duplicate at best.

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Duplicate of #0001658

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^But this one is much more entertaining, I'm finding alot about the games' possible plot from those observations.

Uziyahu added a subscriber: Uziyahu.May 7 2016, 1:03 PM

I guess by 2030+ a Merkava 4 would be old tech...

mention females in a military context, and you'll get all the stupid people who have no clue about female's physical capacity or their increased role in the military, especially in non western countries.

the idf have some of the toughest female soldiers on the face of the planet despite what the cute bikini pictures show.

support 100% hopefully bis isn't stupid enough to listen to the male chauvinists.

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Yeah, I'm sure that half the muscle mass = Same strength. Iroony...

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