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SUGGESTION - Implement a N,S,E,W compass AND a 360 degree compass in the UI when squad mates call out tangos.
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When a squad member automatically calls out a target it could be with direction (enemy northwest 200 meters) or with the o'clock system (enemy 200 meters at my 12 o'clock) or with the degree system (enemy, bearing 110 degrees, 200 meters. When any of these systems are used, a pop up of all three compass appears in the same manner as the o'clock does now, at the top center screen, allowing the player to get a good fix on the location of the contact.

In reality most compass' have degrees on them as well as N,S,E,W. If and enemy is called out by a squad mate (enemy, NW, bearing 300 degrees, 50 meters) the compass could auto pop up for a short time allowing the player to use the information to quickly gain the natural directional awareness that is lacking in a video game.


My preference would be to standardize all enemy call outs to be done directional then with degrees and then distance, example; enemy, NW, bearing 300 degrees, 50 meters, and then have the compass pop at the extreme right side of the screen (away from center screen where it is now) automatically for a few seconds and then fade. {F18373}


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This may be added in the lowest difficulty setting, but not above. You don't magically know your exact orientation IRL.

To some extent you do, that's why it is called a "sence" of direction. IRL you can easy look over and see your buddy pointing at the contact which you can't do in a game. IRL you are not staring at a screen with headphones on. Some tools are needed to compensate for the fact you are not actual there. IRL you don't automatically call out contacts with exact map grid locations or see moving contacts on a paper map, but in ARMA you do to compensate for the fact it is not real life.

I'm all for compass directions and bearings in degrees. By the way, it's a good practice to frequently look at the compass and check your orientation, just in case of enemy showing up out of nowhere or your leader/pointman getting killed.

Instantaneously upvoted, the current clock direction system is absolutely impossible to use, e.g. where is 12'o clock when everybody's looking a different direction?

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Clock System is only used at close ranges and with enemy danger close.
If it was called automatically by the game it will show a Clock Display (top center of the screen).

For ease of use, It's Auto Rotated to reflect YOUR bearing to target.

You should use Build-in Compass ("K") and Bearing System for medium to long ranges. When not engaged by effective enemy fire.

Imagine soldiers pulling out their Compasses and calling out targets under fire in 30m-100m engagements.