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Weapons: Flashbang Stun Grenades & GL Flashbang Grenades
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Now wee have good PP effects, and its time to make Flashbang grenades


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Player can be dazed (stuned) by flash grenade:

  • Blinded 3-5 seconds (config param)
  • Hearing\sound block, make noice as after flash
  • Camera\Aim shaking
  • Player can be stuned in short range (~5meters) and if grenade been in FOV

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Bump, @Devs: Any news?

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Those can be scripted as well. Here are examples of scripted flashbang and tear gas:

Thank you for good example for developers, ACE have that too, wold be good to see that inside game, maked by devs ;)

Here one mate make it, devs, please realise it in game

Make it happen guyzz!

Dear BIS, please add that grenades in next updates, we need that so much for CQB!
You I'll promise - CQB will be improved, so please add a Stun&Flashbangs

Addtional, Optional: wold be great to prevent blinding if you equip Tactical safety Goggles or sunglasses

Waiting so much in incoming updates, here nothing difficult to realize this

Bump, devs please, do it

This has always been a highly desired feature so I hope BIS actually does it this time.

Different types of nades are welcome indeed.
Especially for urban battles.