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Friendly AI attack you when you blow up empty friendly AI cars
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Today I was playing on Arma 3 Alpha Development Build and I was on the Mission Editor and basically what I done is I put 2 groups of Blufor and Opfor facing each other about 100 meters away from eachother.

I then placed 5 Blufor hunters as obistacles so the Blufor team can get behind them and use them as cover, I also applied that for the Opfor, but using EMPTY blufor hunters.

IMPORTANT: I then noticed when I show my NLAW rocket in to one of the empty hunters where the Opfor where, all my friendly AI began shooting at me like mad and I was dead within a second.

I have tested this four times and the same has applied for each time. Please look in to this as it disallows people to make Missions for example, destroy the captured Blufor vehicle.

It would be devastating to do a mission like that and you blow it up and then get show by your friends.

Here you are anyway, hope you can look in to this.


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AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Mission Editor.
  2. Spawn Empty Hunter Blufor Vehicles one each side of teams.
  3. Blow up friendly EMPTY HUNTER.
  4. Friendly AI ATTACK YOU.
  5. You are dead.
Additional Information

I am currently using the Developers build.

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did you try spawning empty vehicles instead of blufor vehicles?

doesn't really make sense that you'd destroy your own vehicles. I'd say they were right to take out the saboteur.

[edit]Your step 2 is contradictory. Blufor vehicles have a driver, empty vehicles have no driver. At least for me.[/edit]

No look, listen. Let me explain it properly.

I spawned EMPTY Hunter vehicles which usually belong to the BLUFOR team correct? When I blew up an EMPTY Hunter with my NLAW Rocket launcher. All my AI friends began shooting me.

Think of it like, when you shoot your friend they all start trying to hunt you down. In this case, I blew up an empty vehicle with no one inside however it was a blufor based car. Understand the problem now Kidmosey?

Step [2] is fine as what I meant was it was an EMPTY vehicle that originally belongs to the BLUFOR team.

Just don't judge on my words. Try it yourself and then you will realize. Otherwise, I wouldn't of writ this feedback and would of been a waste of time.

I've been playing since the first Operation Flashpoint and from there I've never seen this issue. Now with my experience with this engine, I know it's most certainly an issue.

it works fine for me.

There are two options. You can spawn a Blufor vehicle, which contains a driver and forces allies to retaliate if you kill it. Or you can spawn an empty (yellow) vehicle, which contains no driver and does not cause retaliation.

Just trying to make sure the issue is clear, because vehicles assigned to blue or red should not be empty when they spawn.

okay, I just did another test. I pulled the soldier out of the vehicle, then blew it up. Teammates still turned on me.

Maybe a vehicle without a driver should be switched to neutral.

If the enemy gets in, the vehicle does change allegience, though.

Happened to me too. I was just target practicing and my team mate target practiced on me the punk. It was an empty GMG.

Tested it, they killed me after destroying empty (Side: Empty in editor) vehicle.

Video, include reproduction in editor:
Using the stable build.

Same happening to me to in a mission where I have to blow up an empty chopper with a stachel. However I thought this was happening because of the damage radius of the explosion and the friendly AI received a little amount of damage through the blast, but maybe it is indeed the vehicle that is causing it.

There we go! Thank you Hammerchief for the video, that really explained it! Great, so this is now an issue. In my opinion I think this is quiet major. But yes thanks for looking in to this guys.

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As designed. Modifying current state could have serious negative impact on other mechanics.