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[Feature request] Allow map or GPS on second dual monitor
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Allow the second dual monitor or display to host a map or GPS display permanently.

It drives me nuts to have to blind myself with a map and not be able to see the display while reading a map. In real life, you can still see around you, but not in that general direction. As such, players should be able to statically place their Map(s) or GPS display on their second display, if they have one hooked into their graphics card.


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This feature has been lacking within many games these days, and is far more present within real life these days.

Since maps are low frame rates, this would not provide a significant load on the current system specs.

I further speculate, most of the developers already are using a second display/monitor for a dedicated map, while leaving us wimpy outsiders without such a feature. ;-)

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I think most people that fly choppers or aircraft will also agree with this!

But as far as realism with aircraft, maps are usually displayed much smaller within consoles or down on the pilots lap versus a second display, unless the cockpit is large enough such as the US Space Shuttle! As such, it might be cheating for aircraft to have such a larger map, but this game is also based in the future. On the flip, having to flip your viewing area blindly between screens is probably not wise or safe if flying in real life!

IE. Can you imagine simulating this game's map display abilities within real life? Imagine a pilot unfolding a map in his cockpit in front of his face while flying or while driving? It would seem like something a comedian actor would do within a Comedy film.

And Oh God, how I currently enjoy the three second delay of the game logo between map/GPS mode and first person view mode! (ie. "m" key)

ArmaSideMap - External Moving Map mod by gammadust

Arma extension that mimics the in-game moving map as an external aplication which one can lay in a second monitor or even via network on a secondary computer.

Even this would be suitable, but really, ARMA 3 should be able to open a second window nativly for instruments and maps, similar to FlightGear or any other application.

Most businesses nowadays utilize multiple monitors.

FYI: Bug #0003843 is similar feature request, but not a duplicate.

(Note Maddog, this is not a duplicate feature or bug. ;-)

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omg this would be awesome!

I dont know, nobody has a visible map on them at all times, in reality, you would have to stop and open the map to look, and as it currently is, you do it alot faster than you in real life. Having a map open on a secondary screen does feel like a cheat in my opinion.

However, that said, it would be nice to open the map in game and be able to lower the map to keep an eye on your surroundings like you can with the binocs. There is a mod that aids with this though, perhpas integrate something like that as a quick map and reserve the usual map for more in depth information.

But on an overall, I disagree with having the map on a secondary screen at all times. Even with helicopter, the co-pilot can open the map and navigate for the pilot.

Here's something really interesting I just came across.

There's no real good explanation I can copy & paste from the maintainer's website, so I'll briefly describe the utility's purpose. Ipadit takes a snapshot of a flight simulator's MFD (Multi Function Display) such as radar or flight attitude indicators, and redisplays small sections of the display through an Ipad device for clicking the buttons rather than trying to use a mouse pointer within the simulation. The Ipad display is provided with real time data. This also significantly magnifies the display, for which many desperately need!

At the top of the page are two YouTube videos, of which only the second one seems to work here further vividly explaining the features.

Another YouTube video posted within the Bohemian Interactive forums:\

Personally within Linux, we just easily export a desktop or application to another secondary display. Saitek's USB LED Flight Display modules are another option, but I don't even think these are even supported by ARMA as of yet. Again, just easier to export stuff to a secondary display, so users can magnify whatever they want until their hearts content.

Again, I'm biased for integrating a more generic usable solution such as just exporting the sections of the display to a secondary LED/LCD display or just exporting a magnified ascii/text to the secondary display. Trying to remain appraised of essential flight information such as attitude, altitude, direction, heading is extremely troublesome, even when using a TrackIR. A TrackIR does help, but the player is still forced to constantly move their head and neck for reading the previously mentioned information!

In other words when we're in a real life cockpit, the gauges are much larger then shown within the ARMA simulation, or likely any computer simulation. But I do like the fact I can look around the interior using something like Track IR. (ie. TrackIR 5 user here.)

With the new Advanced Helicopter Flight model allowing on display gauges and altimeter, this is now almost foreseeable possible.

At first, I found it difficult to navigate/fly using the gauges on screen as they blocked much of the display, or just trying to fly using the Advanced Model. I returned for the past few days to the basic flight model and then returned to the Advanced Flight model (or Rotolib model) out of boredom with the basic flight model. After more practice, I'm finding I can now fly using the Advanced model better now. Albeit, it requires constant tiring pressure on the joystick and slow steady moves reserving the quick and agile moves when there is appropriate control over the dynamics of the shifting weight of the aircraft.

Back on topic, I find I'm using the on screen gauges more often then using the dash board gauges, as well as the much more easily read gauges due to larger fonts/characters! I also enjoy the flight path indicators when using the Advanced Flight model, which has always been seemingly missing from many of the helicopters using the basic flight model.

Yep! would be a very nice feature and used by many (willing to help test)