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Standing Glitch in Arma 3
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So me and my friend were playing the Mission ambush, on co-op and he loaded fine, but when i finally loaded,on my screen it still had the overlay map image.I was somehow looking though my binoculars at the overlay map at the loading screen.That was fine,cause when i actually loaded into the game i just hit b and it was fine,but what got to me though, was i was injured before we quit to play another mission before,so because of that, when i loaded the mission ambush,i was injured and needed a medic(which my friend was,) but when he finally got done healing me,i went to hit x on my keyboard.What took next was not only funny but i recorded it aswell.I was still stuck on the map floor but it sounded like i was running but i was still prone on the ground.If you need the video footage to see what happens i can give you guys the link to my youtube channel. Here is the footage i captured, .If you need any more information, send me a message to


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Ok, I'm getting crossed brain-windings and eyes by even attempting to read and understand your report.

Could you please add a note in this form:

I've observed this and that.

But I expected that and this.

*repro steps*

  • Place soldier X here
  • Shoot object Y here
  • Smash head against keyboard
  • etc.

Thank you!

custom map? made urselfs?

Basicly, when i got healed in game by my friend i hit x on my keyboard to stand up, after being healed in game, it wouldn't let me stand up,but when i hit shift on my keyboard i ran even though i was still prone on the ground After i hit a bush in game i stood up.In my video the first seconds all the way up to 1:06 seconds was what i was describing,any thing after that was more gameplay nothing special.If you need more help if you have skyope just add me so i could explain it to ya xD.Sorry i didnt reply faster was editing a video for youtube and was working on my job.

@laywiin to be honest i dont know it was a friend of mine server xD.

@ fireball see how in the video im prone but it sounds like i running yeah that was what im talking about.

@Fireball a good example of that is from 25 seconds to 30 seconds in my video(listen to it,it sounds like im running but im not), its like im healed up and running but im still prone on the ground. if that helps at all.

I'm sorry, as long you cannot reliably reproduce the issue, your report is not much of use.

Could you also please resort to fill in my template above, because once you did, I'll Ctrl-C it, Ctrl-A your initial Wall-of-Text and Ctrl-V the proper thing over it.

okay sure thing fireball, and i'll see if i cant reproduce the same result agin.if i can ill let you know in a new report.

No, please just add a note, what to put where and then I'll update your ticket.

Closing due to lack of info/response.

If this issue is still reproducable for you, please create a new ticket containing all relevant information.