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Divers with SDAR should switch to Stanag on land
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The SF-Diver's AI should reload Stanag ammo into the SDAR (if they have some), when exiting the water.

Of course they should also switch back to Dual Purpose ammo when back in the water.


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Make a SF-team attack a simple OPFOR guy not looking in their direction.

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Currently they only use their pistol.

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^agreed. Ideally, the AI should switch to a Stanag whenever the unit leaves ther water (and back to the special SDAR ammo when entering it).

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Did some testing:

  • If divers do have 30 round STANAG magazines in their inventory, they do not switch to/reload with that ammo.
  • When divers are given a pistol and a SDAR with 30 round STANAG magazines (and no dual purpose rounds!), they still prefer to close up and use their pistol.
  • When equiped with a SDAR and 30 round STANAG magazines only (no Pistol), they tend to move up verry close to the enemy (~10m) before firing. They also fire verry slowly even at those colse ranges.

(all testing was done on dry land and with build 0.53.103342)

Thank you, it's nice!

Ok, so with your permission, papy.rabbit.08, I'll modify your ticket to be a feature ticket, which suggests that they should switch Stanag ammo, if they have some, ok?

@Fireball: Of course! No problem, thank you!

Done and cleaned up the notes a bit.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Look at my post with multi environnement ammunition

It's assigned but not a good idea, Multi-Environment Ammunition ( MEA ) is a reality, it's not just supercavitating rounds, but polyvalent rounds, so why do you want to change magazines, devs?

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