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Terrain slope has insufficient effect on soldier movement speed and fatigue
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In Arma 3, it is currently possible to run and sprint up and down much steeper slopes than was possible in Arma 2.
The current maximum movement speed up and down slopes seem unrealistic high - in real life slope has a dramatic impact on maximum speed and fatigue, particularly moving uphill.
It also means that topography only affects cover and visibility for infantry as it there is very little terrain that actually slows down infantry at present. {F18317}


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Attempt to sprint up and down a steep hill in Arma 3, Arma 2 and real life.

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Currently slope only seem to affect maximum speed. Ideally, moving uphill at any given speed mode (and downhill to a lesser degree) would also cause greater fatigue than moving over flat ground.

Some approximate empirical maximum slopes:
Stay prone:
A2 35°, A3 32°
Stand without sliding downhill:
A2 40°, A3 40°

Run up:
A2 20°, A3 35°
Sprint up:
A2 10°, A3 32°

Run down:
A2 -30°, A3 -35°
Sprint down:
A2 -25°, A3 -35°

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Additionally: In A3, movement over sloped terrain is no slower than movement over flat terrain (actually it's faster!).
Currently soldiers can run ~50m on flat ground in 10 seconds, which is reasonable. However they can also climb up a 25m high hill over 50m horizontal in the same 10 seconds, which is unreasonable (with no greater fatigue cost).

In my opinion, ideally movement speed (effort) modes should less strictly dictated by terrain slope than they were in Arma2. Instead, speed and fatigue cost of each mode should vary depending on terrain slope. This minimises the frustration of not being able to sprint up slight slopes (as in A2), without granting infantry superhuman hill climbing ability.

I would recommend not over-doing the climbing slow-down, as realistic as it may be. I've several returns from non ArmA veteran loving the change for what it brings to gameplay, and we should here find an acceptable compromise between realism and gameplay.
Maybe put emphasis on the effect on fatigue more than speed.

Last, the assumption that you can walk steeper climb than you can go prone makes no sense to me.
Quite the contrary, IRL, people tend to go down when the climb gets hard. The game should force you to prone above a certain angle, instead of forcing you to stand up

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I found it quite refreshing to be able to move up hills quicker than in A2, not being forced into a frustrating walking pace on a hill that looked easy to sprint/jog up.

A bit of a tweak in this area to help realism for very steep slopes would be good, but I don't want to see the restrictiveness/clunkyness of the previous games return.

I feel they (the A3 team) are on a good path with the changes to rid the game of it's "awkwardness" and we are in danger of recreating Arma2 if we try to put everything back to how it was.

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I vote down. I dont mind tweaking it maby making the stanigma depending on the ground your running ..but i didnt like the snailing up the hill thing in arma 2 because that came unatural as well ...

So its more natural to run like Cockroach ignoring fatigue/weight/angle??

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Movement speeds have been recently revised, and fatigue cost of sprinting uphill etc is much more severe.

I have uploaded a quick test mission that monitors the players fatigue, speed, and the slope of the terrain.

Despite the fatigue, what could be changed, is the animations of descending/ascending a hill. It looks a bit unrealistic the way it is now. The player should have a kneeling animation as he goes up the hill, and a more careful and slow movement as he goes down the hill, especially if it's a very steep slope. You can take an example from Assassin's Creed III (I tried to find videos in which this is visible, but didn't have any luck. Maybe I'll upload something to show what I mean.). This should also have a huge impact on the tactics of the game. Anyway, this feature is 'slightly' unrelated to the current post, so it might need a different ticket as well.

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This issue has been largely resolved in release build 1.00.109911. I will leave it open as I feel things could still be improved upon.

The fatigue aspects of this issue are now resolved (, which does indirectly resolve the movement speed over steep terrain (by restricting availability of faster, higher speed movement modes).

However, the instantaneous player speed in any movement mode is still unaffected by terrain slope (player can still sprint up/down steep hills as fast as flat ground, but they get tired much quicker). Ideally, speed would change with terrain slope.

I think the best solution would be that you can jog or run uphill but then there will be ACE style penalty that can force you to stop if you over do it so in long term it would be better to go slower up the hill but you've the option to go faster if you're in trouble.

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Update as of dev build 1.43.130502.

Movement mode is restricted by terrain slope in a reasonably plausible way (eg, impossible to sprint up slope steeper than around 17°). This issue can be marked as resolved and closed. Thanks devs :)

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