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Player camera stays in place when opening map resulting in sound passing away
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When I use the map e.g. inside a helicopter, the helicopter sound starts fly away from the player "ears".


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Steps To Reproduce

-Get inside of any aircraft.
-Press M to show map and pay attention to the helicopter sound.

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I understand what you mean, but you explain it in a weird way.

Basically what is happening is that when you open the map, all sounds stay relative to the location you were when you opened the map. So indeed if you were in a helicopter, and you opened the map, you would hear the helicopter flying away from you.

This would be a simple fix. In psuedo-code:

"Update audio-receive-location to equal location of player" is not running whilst in the map, as there is no 'camera' for the player.

Please let us know in note section if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest Developement build.

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Reproducible with 0.61.106371

Steps to reproduce:
Enter the helicopters showcase
Ascend to a safe altitude and gain speed
Open map and listen to the helicopter's engine stay in place

Same bug as #3279 and #3682

Confirmed, and not only with helicopters, its happens with all vehicles
Just open map when you flying and wait a bit, you fly away of engine sounds :D

This issue still exists as of version 1.00.109911.

I'm wondering why it's like this. There might be a reason so the map un/load faster but I haven't seen any confirmation why it's like this.

I think the sound is not only fading away, the view behind the map stays on the exact place from the moment you hit the Map key. This is why you hear the helicopter fading away aswel you hear other sounds that might be in the area where you accessed the map. When you release the map the view warps back to your current view. If you access the map for a long time you'll see you have to render a lot around you. Correct me if I am wrong as I am not sure. But noticed some rendering issues on servers when accessing the map for a long time in a moving helicopter.

Yes that's what happens.

Can't remember was this fixed at some point in alpha or beta but at least it wasn't for long. Bit immersion killer.

I also vaguely remember it being fixed at some point, but it quickly reverted back. Not sure though...

At any rate, it indeed appears like the "camera" for the player (display 46? not sure it works that way...) stays in the same location when you enter the map, whilst it should follow the location of the players character. As stated in the ticket, is is immediately obvious that the sound "stays behind" when in a vehicle.

But also as stated, when in the map for a significant amount of time, and you travel a far enough distance away in that time, when exiting the map, the rendering needs to catch up with the new world terrain and objects that have suddenly come into render-view.

A minor issue, but probably a minor fix as well, and certainly worth fixing.

Still a valid issue. Corrected description and title.

I am closing this one as duplicate, because 8946 has repro mission and correct assign.

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