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Shooting over an edge is annoying / maybe broken.
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So there is an enemy camp and I go up a nearby cliff and on the top are lots of rocks. I get on to the rocks and try to crouch down so I can start taking shots at them. But no matter what I do, I can't get the bullets to reach the target.

It is supposed to be a simulation and realistic, but in real life I can easily put the rifle muzzle just over the edge of the rock and then when I shoot at targets in the scope, they get hit. In this game it's almost impossible to hit them. I end up having to go right up to the edge where the enemies can clearly see me and then I can't even be prone, I have to go to crouch height and finally my bullets will make it over the lip of the rock. But at this point I am a sitting duck. You also can't see your crosshair while you are using the scope so you have no idea where the bullet will go. I'm not even sure you can see it at all in first person view?

Needs urgent attention.


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Stand on rock overlooking something and try to shoot down. The crosshair gets stuck.

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Are you talking about through the scope or just the crossair? Because I know what you mean by the crossair getting stuck, but not sure what you mean by the scope. Before I give you my vote, I just want to clarify

First, I'd like to bring up the very first SOCOM US Navy Seals game on the PS2. I like how they show you where the bullet will hit because your weapon isn't lined up with the target, and your crossair stays where it is so it's easy to adjust from there. In the game, however, they used a big circle with a line through it. I think it would be best just to use a red dot or something which shows where your barrel is really pointing. That is the reason why that in Arma III your crossair disapears. Because the round is going to hit where the crossair is on your screen

Also, this is a little something that you might not have learnt about this game, but if you hold down Ctrl and hit the "W or S" it will change the level your player's stance is. So if you are trying to look over an edge and can't quite see and don't want to move forward to expose yourself, increase your height a little bit and you might not get as frustrated.

Yes I know all about stances, and I know about this feature to shoot from the gun and not your eyes. I like both, but I just think it needs a bit more work.

Try it yourself. A good location to test it is in the North East quarter of the map, about 400 metres inland from the shore is a fortification. I play a mission which has this full of enemies, and the only good place to attack from is up on a nearby cliff. But the top of the cliff is covered in rocks so you have to get on the rocks.

Almost anywhere you stand, and any stance you go in, the crosshair ends up down by your knees or whatever (indicating that the bullet will hit the rock). But you just can't get it to go over the rock unless you are standing almost right on the edge. And like I said, you can't even go prone either. You have to stand right on the edge AND go in to crouch or upright stance to get the bullet to clear the rocks. So it basically makes it impossible to play like a real sniper.

Let me know if it's still not clear and I'll make a screenshot.

Is it the rock's hit box? You can "see" past the rock, but you can't shoot past it?

The problem is that the hitboxes of rocks aren't exactly the same as how they look. Therfor you can have a clear shot (from the barrel), but since the hitbox is bigger you will still hit the rocks.

It's a problem that already existed in ArmA2 and hopefully they manage to fix it in ArmA3.
Not sure if it's a major and urgent issue, but it would be nice if fixed.

Can you give the name of the fortification? Or a more descriptive location?

Verified at kamino and the air base. Rocks have hitboxes the size of an elephant.

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Yes it is the size of hit boxes which is the problem. They need to fix this or just remove the rocks from the game.

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I'm voting this up to bring the oversized hitboxes to the attention.

Duplicate of #4986.