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Enemies in the ground
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Sometimes when enemies lie down they end up being in the ground and there head is only visible.
(usually happens when I use a scope)


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Go onto any map
start shooting the enemies
they go into the ground

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That is done intentional because you don't see any grass at a distance.

No, sometimes a standing/running man dissapears fully in the ground.

happens a lot with sniper scope, large distance and aiming on a mountainside.

Whether it's a bug or not, is difficult to tell unless a dev speaks-up.

As for me, I welcome it as long as it's not a bug, as other games don't provide any cover for anybody, making their games pretty much a joke.

Think the last games having any foliage cover, was Novalogic back in the late 1990's with Deltaforce/Blackhawk Down games. And their foliage was superior even by todays standards, but CPU hungry. (Novalogic used something called Voxels.)

Basically it happens with me and I only see there head and cannot shoot any part of there body.

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Consequence of current method of rendering grass at distance.

Could be closed as Duplicate of closed ticket #217.

We are very sorry, this issue was closed as duplicate.

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