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Get rid of the red circle when player is not shown on map, or allow it to be disabled in difficulty settings
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Currently, you always get a large, red circle when player isn't shown on map (in Veteran/Elite mode). It is not possible to turn this feature off, and it will appear even if the player has no GPS.

I would ask to please consider making this at least an optional feature that can be turned off in the game difficulty settings.


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Set the difficulty to Veteran/Elite and check the map. Note the red circle that marks your approximate location.

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I'm aware this is similar to issue #2782, but is different enough IMHO to warrant a different ticket

I agree, maybe make it an option so we can for example for lower difficulty show yourself in map, regular just that aproximate position with the circle and on veteran/elite dont show anything.

But just leaving it as a difficulty option would please everyone the default settings doesn't matter too much.

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i don't mind it as option but we should be able to turn this off

Another option: Add a description.ext entry that allows the mission maker to disable this feature. Some missions require the player to navigate by landmarks and stars (remember the mission in CWC where you've been shot down and had to use star signs to navigate ?).

This seems clear, reasonable and comparatively easy to implement, so I think it deserves an "approved". :)

Still desperately need this for certain missions. Please BIS :(

And its 2035....soldiers will all have GPS units to be able to get around.:)

And its 2035....soldiers will all have GPS units to be able to get around.:)

Not as a cranial implant. This should be coupled at the very least to having a GPS in your inventory, but still, it should be able to be switched off as an option. Missions like the famous "navigate by the stars" in OFP or anything like DayZ is going to be pretty ridiculous if you have a large red circle pointing out your location, even if it is only a few hundred meters.

Alwarren,you missed my sarcasm.I meant that soldiers should all have GPS units as default and made a ticket for it that was downvoted.You can allow a player to play with elite difficulty and remove the red circle and you are left with players who have no way to know where they are.Right now only team leaders spawn with GPS.For me I remove the compass and watch and use GPS for these functions in game.Just a DBL tap of F key for me and it temporarily pops up.

Can be closed now, since the circle is gone. Thanks a bunch!

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