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Trees on Startis appear flat and dull in overcast weather
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In comparison to Chernarus and Takistan (when loaded in Arma 3), the trees on Stratis appear flat, lackluster and dull in overcast weather conditions - even when graphical settings are nearly maxed out. {F18254} {F18255} {F18256}


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For more information and comparison screenshots, please see this forum thread:

From what can be seen, the lighting conditions vary somewhat between the Arma 2 maps and Arma 3. Stratis is significantly darker when under a full overcast. In fact, it's still very dark even when partly overcast which looks odd. The level of light coming through of course affects the depth of trees due to lack of shadow contrast but even when in daylight, the mid-level trees are still flat as seen in the third Stratis screenshot. This isn't the case with Arma 2 trees which are textured as such to appear full at a distance.

Real world example:

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wikipedia link not working, good ticket! agree 100%

I think if mid range textures can be fixed, and trees improved, the game will look stunning. At close range the game really looks great

totally gree, the trees are my only concern with graphics

I would add that the trees look flat and dull all the time, not just overcast weather. They need far more depth to them and detail. Detail in the trees can hardly be seen past about 15-20m.

good issue. +1
I hope this won't be too difficult to tweak. Adding random color variation of trees, or fading from dark (lower half) to bright (upper half) might already improve their quality significantly.

actually I like the current style a lot (on sunny days, of course). Maybe you can increase the shadow distance a bit? Shadow is very important to get a nice Render of the trees.
Maybe it's just my personal preference, though.

SmallBlackSheep, with you all the way on this and your previous 'no shadows' ticket. Adding more tonal variations to the tree textures would help improve A3's already stunning visuals - under both sunny and overcast conditions. I still think some form of diffuse shading is crucial as well.

agreed, color variation would be great

i think the trees are probably placeholders for the time being, i know majority look crap, especially the textures, but perhaps it is just temporary placeholders, sure in alpha state they havent completely created the game already.

But i will vote up anyway just to ensure that BIS DO NOT SKIMP on the trees.

The problem is that self shadows seem to be absent on trees (and on alpha textures in general) after a certain distance, which is somehow determined by the shadow settings (that slider thingy). It's not only an issue on overcast weather, it's an issue generally. To test it, place your character near a tree (in midday preferably), and start moving away from it. You'll notice that its self shadows slowly start to weaken, until they disappear completely. I'm not sure that that's the issue, but at least that's what my eyes seem to see.

Its not just trees that they are absent on. All shadows virtually vanish in overcast, even vehicles appear a bit floaty.

Hope you don't mind that I uploaded some images with this example but on a vehicle, I figured it might be better to do it here than to make a new thread that is about more or less the same thing.

EDIT: AAaaand I uploaded the wrong modified one at first, the one in the middle shouldn't be there ^^;

I often think that the engine does not produce, for lack of a better description, 'enough' lighting in overcast conditions. In fact, it's as if the lighting is just turned off, which makes everything look very ugly. This is one area where Arma 2 looks alot better, in my opinion.

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Duplicate of #4114