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Character auto-stands after sprinting
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Character will automatically stand up after fast-moving in the crouched profile. Seems like a small bug, but it becomes increasingly annoying and even game-breaking at times, especially when playing in first person.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Crouch
  2. Fast-move or turbo move
  3. Releasing the "W" key before the "turbo" key will make your character stand up.
  4. Same problem if using Arma2 style movement(x2-W to fast move).
  5. Only happens when weapon is not holstered.

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this problem gets really annoying when using 2xW to start sprinting

happened in arma 2 as well

Didn't notice it in arma 2, but then again I didn't find myself sprinting half as much as in Arma 3.

Annoying issue though, so +1

was there even an option to sprint crouched in arma 2. maybe i don't remember it correctly but i think sprinting in arma 2 always makes you stand up

in arma 2, sprinting with "turbo" from crouch makes you stand up for the duration of the sprint, but then you'll resume the crouch stance once releasing "turbo".
however, in case you release W before "turbo" your previous crouch stance will be canceled and you end up standing -just like the ticket says.
it's the same problem with the only difference that in arma 3 you can now sprint while keeping low.

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And rocks still make you stand up... 4yr old bug still not fixed.... when it affects dayz players BI will fix it in a week.

see also #3420 for the crouch sprint auto-stand issue while moving diagonally (W+A / W+D)

Resolved in the latest dev build.

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