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Scope Stadia Lines do not Represent Target Shoulder Width Used in Range Estimation,
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Stadia lines in a scope are used to measure the shoulder width of the enemy and it will give you a rough estimate of the target range and where hold off will be for a certain bullet.

For instance, the ACOG is used by the US Military mainly on M4s which have certain ballistics for that specific bullet. Whether the scope is manufactured accurately for the type of round we use is unknown by me, but I understand its purpose. ^


The concept is pretty simple. If the enemy's shoulders are as wide as the #3 stadia line, the target's estimated range is 300m. As long as the scope resembles the specific round fired from the rifle that it was created for, with the exact velocity and good reloading, the round should impact on the #3 stadia line.

This is a complicated project because the bullet physics and the scopes zoom may have to change. And I'm not sure how accurate their distance is in the game, which can make it harder to achieve realistic range estimation/target shoulder width relation to each other. {F18247}


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The in-game application for this will allow for more teamwork coordination. It would be easy for everyone to range estimate and also put rounds on target effectively and consistently. Once the range is found by the rifleman or spotter, a marksman can apply his known data on his rifle for that range and deliver precision fire.

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If i stand correct the scopes on arma 3 have this, but sometimes i don't know why my shots just completely fail

off topic

but i also have a hard time spotting where a round lands

They have the stadia lines, they definitely do not resemble the proper distance in relation to the shoulder width, but I'm not sure if they use the proper range for where the bullet impacts. I included them both because they should all relate to each other.

I have been testing a bit in the editor and no the lines do no seem to be working as intentional.

Yeah, it definitely needs to be bumped

Major issue if this does not work as intended

Yeah, I should have set that in the priorities

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Ingame testing shows that the for the 6.5mm caseless on an MX series weapon, the stadia are more or less exactly double the correct width. Measuring target's shoulder width from either outside edge of the reticle to the center vertical line supplies the correct range to target/hold over.

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