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Ragdoll realistic but still wrong
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When shooting a player in the game with a powerfull sniper rifle the " target " just fall right down on the ground after a perfect headshot..

Where is the power from the bullet when the hit occured?

I dont know how to spell this right, but what im trying to say is that the bullets dont have any " Force" In them when hitting a player/ai (target)

They just fall down.

Check out the videos provided that show real bulletforce. {F18234}


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Ways to change:

Power from all different explosions

Power from all different bullets and weapons

target body move in opposite direction of the bullethit on whatever angle.

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Another thing that can be added, is when the target get shot a % chance for the target is to trigger the gun hes holding and fireing some shots..

Actually, just dropping to the ground is more realistic than being knocked backwards. There's not a very big transfer of energy when a round penetrates tissue or bone. The head may jerk a little bit, but when someone is shot it's more easily described as a marionette that has had it's strings cut. The only reason you may see someone fall backwards is due to the reaction of the person being shot IE jumping backwards out of shock. A bullet to the brain kills faster than you can react to being hit.

Someone posted a video on a similar ticket where a 9mm is described as having the same force as a 10lb (4.5 kg) weight being dropped from .72 inches (1.8 cm). A shot from a rifle isn't going to cause much more energy transfer.

Someone being knocked around by the sheer force of a bullet is only realistic in Hollywood or video games.

-1. A videogame-picture as reference? c'mon.
I like the system as it is because a relatively sharp bullet doesn't blow the victim backwards - it penetrates.

Lets see the ragdolls with some shotgun-hits, then we can talk again...

Trigger a gun he's holding? He'd rather drop the gun than squeeze the trigger..

Bullets don't push targets around. They go through them. The transfer of energy is miniscule. What ArmA does now is realistic.

Posting a Max Payne video to demonstrate realism is a bit ridiculous.

This is a video of a US soldier being shot by a sniper in Iraq. It hit his vest and he survived with only a large bruise (the sniper and his friend weren't so lucky)

Being hit in the plate causes far, far more energy transfer than a round that pierces flesh. Yet, notice how he barely even reacts to the round other than falling down.

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Its like Mythbusters have never existed =)). People watching movies and videogames think that it's realistic when a bullet hit pushes someone so hard that he flies away. Well, newsflash - it's not =).

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On second thought - OP never said that its realistic, he just wants it to be implemented =). But I don't understand why. It's a simulator, right? Let it simulate stuff =). I think such thing as body physics can be modded later by someone =).

"Check out the videos provided that show real bulletforce."

OP implied the Max Payne video was a realistic example, so yes he did say it's realistic.

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An interesting read about the Kennedy Assassination:

The ragdoll physics are fine as they are, they only require tweaking, because occasionally bodies jump when hit or receive thrust out of nowhere.

Wooow! You guys changed me now putting me on right track then.

It wasnt ment to make the game " Unrealistic or non simulator"

I See that you guys know what you are talking about and maybe i think it was a cool feature.

But learned from this, and now i understand it better..seeing that my post here is a failed.

Soz for the max payne stuff, never played it actualy lol. Just a easy way to " Explain" it simpler.

You changed me, and i agree to you guys ! :)

It definitely is a really cool feature and that Max Payne video is pretty cool, but it's more for arcade style shooting games. That's the only problem. The ragdoll physics in Arma are definitely in need of some work however.

Yeah maybe i took a little harsh on it.

It feels like the ragdolls are bit to heavy??

I wouldn't say too heavy, but they definitely don't move in a realistic way a lot of the times. Sometimes they'll sorta bounce up and spread their arms and legs out like when you die in Super Mario almost. Other times they fall to the ground in weird ways with some joints locking up a bit. It's OK as it stands, but as I said definitely needs a bit of refining.

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What do you even mean by "powerful sniper rifle"? There aren't even any sniper rifles in the game yet. Currently there are two DMRs, with 7.62 rounds. Not that it matters, because not even .50 cal rounds will send someone semi-flying through the air, regardless of headshot or not.

Currently headshots look quite well done. You'll see the head jerked backwards, if the guy is standing on a slope he's more likely to fall down in than just sag down like if he was shot in the chest, etc. Personally, no, ragdoll isn't the least heavy. First of all we have aout 80kg for the soldier au naturelle. Then we add another 20-30kg of equipment, weapons, magazines, protective vest, helmet, etc. and I think we're easily closing in on 100kg.

I think we have many good reports of actual ragdoll problems, but as you seen yourself, you described basically a non-issue. Hence closing down.