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FPS Limiter
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Please add an option in either settings menu or .cfg file to limit FPS. VSync is no good if your frame rate is often under 60 and can also cause mouse lag. With VSync turned off you still need to limit FPS to offer GPU a break when possible and therefore save energy and GPU lifetime.


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This option is very necessary! It is needed in order not to use the extra resources graphics card, for example I do not need longer than 60 fps. The absence of constraint options FPS results:

  1. Use of excessive energy.
  2. Heat the video card (reduced life).
  3. The fan noise.

In my opinion stable 30 fps better to read than 30-45 races, as well as 60 fps better than 60-80.
I ask the developers to take seriously this issue is important.

Have a solution for owners of graphics cards NVIDIA, the program "nvidia inspector".

Duplicate of #3613.

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Duplicate of #3613.

Care to post a direct link?