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Introduce new scripting command to return all backpack containers (everyBackpack)
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Introduce new scripting command (suggested name: everyBackpack) to return all backpack containers inside specified container by analogy with firstBackpack command.


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This suggest was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Try this command and let me know if this is what you need. Thanks

Hello. backpackCargo returns backpack classnames inside container (array of strings) while everyBackpack should return array of vehicles that are backpacks and can be manipulated as containers, just like firstBackpack currently returns, but for all backpacks, not just first one.

DEV. 110838. [ADDED] new scripting command everyBackpack. Usage [everyBackpack "crateName"]

Are you a wizard, japapatramtara? Thank you, we've been expecting this command to be added for a long time!

Also, can you please comment on how difficult and time-consuming will be to implement #14755 and if there is any chance to see it in near future? Thank you.

(I feel like I was granted a wish from genie and you resolved these two tickets on a next day)

It must be nice to have them do something about your issue, they ignore the basic ones like that make things easier for the customer to use... :(

@viper0317 What you ask in that ticket could be done with few lines of script, what SaMatra asked in this ticket was not possible to do by any other means. Plus check dates, it took 7 months for this ticket to come through, you want result in just one month?

@Killzone_Kid the change is merely asking to flip a switch on something that is already in place, the assets are there but not cannot be placed without scripting, so yes, one month to flip a switch and make something accessible and easier for people who have not scripted before arma 3...people to can't devote hours out of their week to learning how do something just to play the game how they want.

LOL I have few tickets that are not even reviewed indicating the bugs that can be fixed with a simple copy paste. Annoying? Yes. Understandable? I guess.

Mass-closing resolved issues not updated in 10 days.