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Request: Add 25m range increments to GL sights.
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As is demonstrated in this ( Bistudio forums thread, the grenade launcher sight depicted in Arma 3 can be ranged in clear, distinctive 25m increments.
My suggestion would be to add the ability to make range adjustments in 25m increments by e.g. holding down CTRL when clicking Page Up/Page Down. This would allow you to make quicker adjustments when it's larger increments, and in additional time make smaller, more accurate adjustments. This would make for a more realistic grenade launcher sight, as it would more closely depict the real life sight.


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50 m increments is perfect, 25 m would be way too tedious to click through.

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No. The reason for 25m increments is because that's how the sight works IRL, and Arma 3 is supposed to be a simulator. Further, you will only do 25m adjustments when pressing CTRL. That means that you will only have to do 2 25m adjustments max. If you want to go from e.g. 200m to 350m, you do 1x Page Up adjustment (300m) and 2x CTRL+Page Up adjustments (350m). If you want to go from e.g. 300m to 375m, you do 1x Page Up adjustment (400m), and 1x CTRL+Page Down adjustment (375m).

Long story short, 25m increments is for realism in accurately depicting the sight properly, and more than 2x CTRL+Page Up/Page Down adjustments will never be required, meaning that it will not be too tedious to make smaller adjustments.

Agreed with Aikmofobi on 50 m increments, 25 m - far too tedious & unpractical in combat.


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I'll side with scrim too.

As for unpractical in combat: you use GL when you have some time to eye-ball the distance, aim and shoot, that's a fairly long process compared to knee-jerk shooting at enemies <100m.

Plus the proposed solution allows you to select an approximate range quickly for a first shot then fine tune your sight for a second shot.

And let's be honest, it's currently a pain to land a grenade at 350m on target.

Yeah, the current reticle is garbage.

With the sights IRL, are the 25m increments just a measure ? IE is the adjustment analogue ?

ANyways, the way it is now is pathetic. A more thorough modeling of grenade launcher operation is much needed.

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The sight works, Uziyahu, it's just horribly placed relative to the center of the screen.

Agreed. There should be a way to "zero-in" grenade launcher sights.

For example, "America's Army 3" does this perfectly with its M320 sights.

Grenade launcher M203 has minimum safe firing range (for HE) 150m for training and 31m for combat.
Effective range is between 150-350m.

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redstone: cool info but the user is pointing out a flaw in the grenade launcher sighting/range HUD in A3 Alpha in this request, with an image of the sights modeled in game compared to the real life one as reference.

Specifically he states "add the ability to make range adjustments in 25m increments by e.g. holding down CTRL when clicking Page Up/Page Down."

Does your reply mean that BI will change the HUD to have 25m increments, or that it's being looked at?

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

I think the current reticule is rather stupid. Why can't we have the good old leaf sight back from Arma 2?
Once you learned to use it, it was really accurate and you didn't have to change any settings, just aim.
Mind you I'm talking about the "iron sights" and not the HUD thing even if that was actually more helpful than the current implementation is