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Scripting command removeAllActions has invalid definition
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The scripting command removeAllActions is defined on the wiki as a unary operator with a lhs operand, which is not possible.
Syntax: unit removeAllActions

The in-game script help however, shows it as: unit removeAllActions index

Since the command removes all actions for the unit, the index operand seems to be a dummy operand.

The syntax should be: removeAllActions unit
like all the other removeAll* commands.


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Can confirm this, it removes all actions but needs index parameter. Makes no sense.

I think someone was really lazy and just copied removeAction. It has the EXACT same syntax, description and example. Except for the fact that it doesn't show the RHS operand in the example.


Yeah seems that way. They should really change now because once it hits beta then the syntax will never change because it might break too many scripts.

removeAllActions unit is ideal syntax as you mentioned, lets just hope it is not too late.

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How long can this take Oo omg ...
its now close to one month since this was reported so?

Come on devs do it before the release!


Hope DarkDruid scheduling this tag!

Should be fixed in next dev branch update.
This fix won't be a part of tomorrow's stable branch update. You can expect it in stable branch with update 1.06.

Every time I see assigned => DarkDruid it brightens my day! :)

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