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Main Menu doesn't respond.
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Whenever i launch ARMA III, there seems to be a problem in the Main Menu. After the splash-screens and such, i cannot click anything. Everything seems fine but the only thing i can do is click at nothing and look at the background. The only way i can fix this is by Alt-Tabbing out of the game and coming back in. Sometimes that doesn't work either. Otherwise, no more problems from me. Thanks!


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Pretty rare issue, but happened to me once too. Seems the mouse's hot spot is moved below and to the left of the cursor. Entering Video Options fixed this issue. Will investigate further and try to find more accurate repro.

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Related to #246

Happens to me if I don't have NVidia surround enabled and want to run on one screen only instead of 3 screens. The mouse wont work and I have to select with the keyboard.

Ticket can be closed, as it's not valid anymore.

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