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Pls make the 'bis_fnc_customGPSvideo' work again.
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I noticed it is no longer possible to use this function to embed a little video in the GPS HUD. I really really would like to see this or something similar to be possible again. With that feature you can greatly enhance the immersion of custom missions. For example you can use this function to use it as a video feed from HQ that communicates with the players and provide mission updates with nice effects, but it also can be used as an enhanced hint system instead text pop up's.


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In arma 2 you could get it working with this:
_video = ["gps1.ogv",1] spawn bis_fnc_customGPSvideo;
waitUntil {scriptDone _video};
But it does nothing anymore. Probably because of the new GPS design.

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To see an example of how I used this function for mission you can see it here:
Example at 9:05 and further up in the mission

Any way to embed little video's again would appreciated.

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It does work for me but I believe you have the wrong syntax

the position needs to be an array x,y,z
_video = ["gps1.ogv",[1,1,1]] spawn bis_fnc_customGPSvideo;

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Well how I wrote it here is how it worked for me in ArmA2. I will have an other look at it.

I tried that syntax as well, tried to run it through the init, through a trigger, made sure the units carry a GPS, but nothing.

Your correct some how I confused myself while searching I lost track that it was GPSvideo and not Playvideo.

Sorry for messing you about GPSvideo doesn't seem to be working.

Yeah the Playvideo function works fine. The GPSvideo is a no go unless there is new function for it that I don't know about.

The customGPSvideo won't work for me either and I don't think we should need a module since they removed the functions module that was required earlier in ARMA2.

For example the playVideo works perfectly without any module so I got a feeling that some things here aren't quite complete yet.

However I went to the functions_f pbo in ARMA3 and unpacked it and did find the customGPSvideo.sqf so it's indeed there ...maybe we only have to wait for BI to get their stuff together.

B00tsy added a comment.Apr 2 2013, 1:16 PM

Well good to know the function is still there at least. I hope they will 'activate' this function again soon, I miss it!

A little bump so that it is not forgotten. Would be swell if this function can be used right from the release-- as I use is for most custom missions. It adds something extra to missions.

i think you're right, broke

Well I tried to get it working, but after hours I still haven't got it working. While if you look at the playvideo fuction (in the function viewer) it is almost the same scripted (besides the small size definition), yet playvideo still works the same as in arma2.

If there is a new way of getting the GPS working, maybe the devs can post the scrip snippet on how to do that in the BIKI?

The absence of this function is absolutely unacceptable. How am I as a mission maker, a developer of scenarios able to present my players with an unskippable audio/visual masterpiece in order to troll them?

B00tsy added a comment.Oct 1 2013, 6:05 PM

Ligthert, If you don't have anything constructive to say related to this ticket then don't say anything. A lot of people happen to like that feature.

B00tsy, <-- This is me on First-Look mentioning precisely this problem to Joris-Jan van 't Land on a personal level. I am not kidding.

I hope he listened, cos I am still waiting for it. The feature is present in the config viewer, but it works so different now that I can not get it to work nor other people of the community.

Any estimate on when this will be woking again? Or if it is working under an other configuration when the BIKI will be updated with at least some hint on how to set it up now and get it working? I have been waiting since Alpha stage for this feature to come back.

B00tsy added a comment.Feb 8 2014, 2:15 PM

Time for an other bump.

This ticket was submitted during early alpha stage and was assigned during alpha... yet no change. Pls make this work again. I know there are zillion things you devs are working on, but this ticket is from 2013-03-16 (almost a year old!), I and others have been very patient for this feature to be working again, it would be nice if it finally gets resolved.

This might not be an important feature for a lot of people, but I and I know some other mission creators have been waiting for this feature since day 1 of the alpha.

When will this finally be fucking fixed? It's reported in early fucking alpha stage.

Fucking delete this ticket if you are not planning on fixing it, it has been assigned for ages!

And I say fuck, cos it pisses me fucking off that I am waiting for this for over a year and it still doesn't fucking work.


BIS trips, to make scripters anger

I wonder if this ticket will get closed due to inactivity just like 1000's of other tickets. It's a great system - just leave a problem and it will magically go away. :) I can confirm that 1.5 years after this ticket was opened it's still not fixed! But the ticket is still open so maybe there is still hope!