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AI See you ALWAYS, Cant sneak
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No possibilites to sneak through a AI zone, or take down a singel AI before he whole damn camp noticing!

Not possible to do sneak missions, NEVER ever!

MAJOR setback


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AI Control / Commanding
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Create ai "more blind" In dark.

make it possible to sneak through AI zones in dark

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incase you didnt realise both blufor and opfor have night vision goggles now.
could proberly do with a more descriptive scenario of how you came to this conclusion

like did you have a silencer? attack from the back? any other enemy close by?

Proned - Silencer - Killed 1 guy. Everyone knows where you are.

Yes enemy 100-200 m away.

I like the AI's BUT this is a setback!
You cant make mission where you sneak upon enemies, if u kill 1 ai, they all gonna kill you .-P

Altough I dont know if the sounds are properly set up and if ambient sounds affects the enemies hearing.

BUT firing a silenced rifle is audible from 100m and I believe even 200m with on a field. Especially assault rifles.

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Agreed with a laywiin. I spent couple of hours tinkering the AI trying to make Stealth Mission. That I found is the enemy awareness of AI depends on the distance between the AI and the player; and the AI's skill (I call it dumbness) regardless the direction of AI. Also AI Skill adjusts the shooting reaction and accuracy as well. All this parameters also transferred to all squad members. Which makes a game play a bit unrealistic.

For example, if I take a SINGLE silenced shot in a direction of the enemy squad (not hitting the enemy) from ~150m considering all the enemies looking opposite of my direction. They all will know my position! The only thing is the skill which delays the action of the AI. If I set their skills to max, I'd be killed barely be able to pull the trigger for second time. So, the only option I found is to dumb down the AI and not grouping them together. Their reaction I did through EH. That is just my personal observation and experience.

I'm actually getting the exact opposite. I can be standing right in front of one of them and they don't shoot me.

That is true, they see you through trees, bushes and grass. You must only fire few shots and you see green tracers flying through a set of trees toward you.

Priority is way high on this, but this is true. Noticed this in vehicle showcase, as soon as you're in possible line of sight, they shoot at you. Doesn't matter how dense the cover is.

Too high priority? This has been destroying co-op games so far. AI is one of the more important features and it is flawed in regard to their ability to spot enemies.

Over 100 hours into alpha and yes i agree something should be done about the AI, they see through walls, trees, etc. and being able to see you in pitch black when your prone and they don't even have NVG's. I love running stealth ops but its just not really possible with the current AI other then that i have been really surprised by AI actions in battle peaking around corners, surrendering, flanking etc. is all great.

For now, we can decrease AI overall to make nice balance in combat tasks. But Ai became "stupid" in aiming. Maybe vision trigger decreased. But they can see you without NV. Even if you on the dark side of night vision view - they see you.

Actually AI has superpowers.

  • The enemy can see you from 500/1000 m. even if you are walking crouched.
  • My team is able to locate men at 1,5 km without using binoculars.
  • There is a bunch of body positions but seems that doesn't affect the distance you are detected from or the enemy response time.

Also, I would like to note to server-runners, there are some options in the "Master.Arma3AlphaProfile" located in C:\Users\<USER>\Documents\Arma 3 Alpha\


I believe skillEnemy is for reaction time and spotting distance. And precisionEnemy is for shooting accuracy. So if someone could tweak those to check if true. Maybe set skillEnemy to 0.3 (more than enough) and precisionEnemy to 0.05 too see how accurate the AI is.

Agree Dtigim.

From arma 2 to arma 3 this is a big change it feels like.

Me and my bud used to play coop and sneak, worked great! Was so fantastic fun, laying in the grass 10 m away from the enemy driving /walking by!.

Now its useless what so ever.

Also what you say, Dtigim my team locates men at 1,5 km! if youre in a chopper they can see enemies walking around over 2clicks away!!
Its a pain in the ass listening to it.

You cant do a " Safe /silence" Extraction or infiltration with chopper without beeing seen!

Duplicate of #0001676.