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Arma 3 Ai life
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Hey Bohemia interaktive
i have to report something thats really shit
The AI life is very overpowered to kill an AI you have to shoot them 2 times into the head Thats 2 headshots i mean Wtf ???? 2 headshots ???? thats not cool
please put the health from the AI a little bit down
thank you very much


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Never experienced that. Always one hit kill in the head for me.

your not being positive/constructive w/ your use of*t? really man..

I agree w/ ExploitedYouth. 1 shot in head for sure. Actually, 1 shot in other parts for the most part also!

Bad words m8!

Still, i also shoot 1 in the head ;) they die

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Well, maybe don't hit the helmet next time ;)
Same experience as the others, hitting the head (also other parts of the body) is fatal.

Has been reported multiple times. Please search before reporting and keep your tone constructive.