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WTF ??
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I buy from arma arma cold war assault almost 10 years so I am a fan for his Toy soldier, I do not understand why since arma 2 mod zombie destroy the game we play arcade game in a military simulation. I buy the full version is 70 euro plus 24 euro version to play on server mod call of duty WTF???? We are looking for a simulation game to play arcade it's flying . There are more and RPG server zombie mod server military simulation I ask to be reimbursed


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Helicopters are too easy to drive as a games arcade and I still beacoup to tell you, be you ready to hear my criticism, or will you banish me????

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are you serious? rly?

uhhhhhhhhhhh what?

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I think it's trying to communicate.

I think he's trying to say this game is too arcade-y, helicopters are easier to fly, and there's too much DayZ. So he wants his money back. Right.

lol cypher.

I do notice the heli is easier but at least it makes more sense. Not like taking a minute or two just to turn around, lol.

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I think the turning speed increase is partially due to the fact that it uses a fenestron tail rotor design, but I could be wrong. Either way, completely wrong area to be asking for a refund. Not to mention the fact that Day Z isn't even an available mod for arma 3 (that i know of, due to day Z standalone and all. I mean wasteland is still here but whatever) besides the alphas been out for what, a week, maybe two? have a little patience, damn. The mil sim servers will shape up once theres... yknow enough gear to actually get a mission with depth going. as it is the best you can really do are alterations on the showcase missions.

Agreed with cevune.

We trying to feedback more "Today and Hot" stuff here, and not "Tomorrow,Maybe Not in Alpha, and community fixable" things. If not drive a real "bird" or TOH - where you take this arguments? Game must simulate some fantasy? When you fly straight - teah it simple. Try to place this "cow" in the bush from 200 speed under fire without ARTQ. Huh!

The flightmodel should be updated with beta if the info i got is correct.

Yes. Alpha have "infantry focus", beta - "machinery focus". But model don't need huge fixes.

The missions people choose to make and run are not something the devs can "fix". Closing.