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feedback for getting hit is outdated for a simulation
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When you are getting hit by a bullet or a grenade, basically all feedback you get is that you look up in the sky (doesn't matter, which direction the explosion was at).
as far as I see it, that could be implemented much better.
this is especially problematic, if the bullet came from a Pistol. I am not complaining about the low damage, a 9mm causes, but the ability for the victim to immediately shoot back, because his character is in almost no way as stunned as he is supposed to be after that impact (soldiers are not trained to take a bullet to the chest and I want them defenseless for a few seconds after the hit, depending on whether it was penetrating or not).

it could be improved for example

  1. by a proper "got hit animation" (I think there already is one implemented, but it looks awful)

or better:

  1. the Player could actually fall on the ground when injured by explosives or he got hit. (considering the rag doll works when you get hit by a vehicle and then stand up again, this feature might be implementable as well)

I guess it would be more realistic and immersive, if the first 9mm hit on the soldiers vest throws him backwards/on the ground, and the attacker needs to fire more rounds to make sure he doesn't get up again. (sounds brutal, but at least realistic)

when a soldier gets hit, the direction and location of the impact should slightly influence the reg doll animation as well. While #0003050 is all about what is real, and what not, that "slight influence" is supposed to e.g. push the left leg back a bit if hit, so that the soldier can fall on his left side. No Hollywood flying though, please.
After the soldier "RagDolled" on the ground, he should not stand up by default, but go prone.(I don't need smooth animations for that, that would be way too complicated).

the other thing, I would like to address is the shot in the foot/leg, that does not effect the ability to walk. Unfortunately I don't know, if that feature is planed for later release, but if the unit were at least falling to the ground it would be considered a lot better imo.


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Health System
Steps To Reproduce

current got-hit-animation?
go into the game
fire at an enemy soldier
notice his twitching when he got hit

player able to fall and get up again:
let yourself be knocked down on multiplayer
go into editor
add 1 car and 1 soldier (both playable)
drive the car towards soldier
switch unit shortly before "accident" (slow motion makes it ease)
see how it looks to be knocked down

Additional Information

issue #0003050 might be the place to discuss the final blow, but I am talking about that bullet, that gets absorbed by the body or should decrease the fighting ability of a player, while some post processing seems to be the only real feedback yet.

issue #0004616 has quite the same complaint, but I didn't want to write all those thoughts unsorted in the comments. Sorry if that was the wrong decision. Also I see the Priority as lower than all the gliches and bugs fixes.

Game Version: 0.5.102571

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This is a brilliant idea, i think the falling to the ground after one shot in the vest would be very realistic

Edit: In reply to Ruthberg: I overlooked the 9mm part, but if you get hit by a bullet from an assault rifle or sniper rifle, then you certainly would fall back, and one doesn't always die if one has a good vest, proof in this video (skip to the part with the sniper at 02:30):

@Lehmann, skip to 14:34:

I don't see a "got-hit-animation?" do you?

Lehmann: "if the first 9mm hit on the soldiers vest throws him backwards/on the ground"
KobeM4: "i think the falling to the ground after one shot in the vest would be very realistic"

-> skip to 14:00

I don't think they should ragdoll after being shot, but the ragdoll near an explosion idea I kinda like.

This right here is a very very tough one to handle. I would prefer this implemented with explosions only as doing this with bullet impacts would be very difficult then you have to calculate glancing shots vs direct hits and where it hits you and which way you fall.

and beyond that unless you weren't ready at all for it a 9mm is a small and light round with deep penetration, its going to have a hard time knocking down an adult of 165 lb's or more. if we are talking .40 S&W loaded correctly or .45 ACP those will have the proper FT-LBS of force to really put some pressure on your body.

However this still doesn't mean it will knock you flat over depending on your stance when you get hit.

IMO cool Idea when close to a grenade\explosion to put you into a short state of shock but rather unreasonable for small arms fire.

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Would be retardet and unfair if a 9mm bullet could knock you on the ground, it would leave you defenceless for 4 seconds or so

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They have this in the vbs2 versions

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go get hit by a friking grenade and tell me if the explosion is not throwing your head upwards, and about the Radgdolls being used for a realistic incapacitation, that would be left on hands of the final relase, or most likely, in the hands of the ACE 3 team.

@Ruthberg Yes I saw that video before posting this issue. maybe I should be more precise to explain what I want.

  1. I totally see a "got-hit-animation". how does the victim react to the first shot? He crouches. Not because of the bullets mass, but the shock and the pain obviously. In arma I thought it could be simulated by either a hit-animation or Ragdoll (only if the character was actually injured).

hit animation would probably be better in that case.

the ragdoll however has a different advantage:
2: when a soldier gets shot in his leg/foot, it doesn't matter, which kaliber it was. He will go down. When the animation is a Ragdoll with a "fake" impact force, it should help the model to fall into the right direction.
In the video the next thing the victim does is run away, but our soldier should instinctively do something else. I mean he should go prone. The Ragdoll would hopefully make it look like an uncontrolled "go prone", when tweaked a bit.

I should have deleted that Line with "the first 9mm hit on the soldiers vest throws him backwards/on the ground"
because it is not supposed to "throw" him at all. As said: "No Hollywood flying though, please.". I just had some trouble uploading and didn't read the final version through, sorry.
unfortunately the controlled animation would fit the chest-, while the Ragdoll would fit the Legscenario and we probably can't have both.

@PvtDancer I dont see the calculation as a big problem, because it already is implemented (at least the functionality). you can see that scenario when a soldier gets hit by a car. It is the same thing. Speed and angle of the car are influencing the ragdoll. A bullethit is calculated, too, because there is a difference between regions of impact (e.g. head- and legshot). Car-collision = bullet-collision, just with much less impact. The only thing BI might need to do extra is a CPU version of the calculations they run on the GPU for the car-soldier-impact (I'm just guessing the calculations are done in GPU right now, only BI can say for sure).

@TTc30 it is not supposed to knock you down when get hit in the chest (sorry I explained it that bad). I am currently more annoyed of the lack of emotions, when a soldier gets wounded and because he doesn't fall when I shot his leg with a rifle. BI probably thought: "leginjury is not lethal -> Soldier may live", but they didn't implement a proper reaction (not blaming them). Now I think you could quite easily fake a dramatic scene, by using the same thing they did with car ramming. When you get knocked over by a car, you "ragdoll" down, but don't necessarily die. After the fall, the character should just switch to prone.

Did I make my point a bit clearer? What do you think?

Duplicate of #0004616.