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Fog is too aggressively responsible for object object rendering distance. Performance/visual degredation.
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When the fog is set especially high, it has a couple of pretty bad effects. For one, it causes the game to hitch and stutter as objects pop in. And because it's so constantly popping in very close objects, you can see them popping in through the fog. In real life, fog fades over a pretty significant distance. And it's pretty jarring to see houses popping up within your visibility. Fog should not have such an extreme effect on where rendering stops for objects, so we can have thick fog without the obvious popping in of objects, which would also help with performance. {F18077}


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The appearance of fog is also pretty poor. A slower falloff in visibility would make a huge difference along with making it brighter, and increasing the draw distance beyond it, especially at high levels of fog.

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Yeah i can confirm this.I have attached a photo regarding a similar aspect to the fog issue (with NV). You can see in the picture it's quite bad and annoying.

Confirm. This is a major immersion breaker. Its one thing to see a building's outline and have details slowly emerge from the fog as you walk towards it. Another to have it jarringly pop in from nothing.

Should be fixed with the new fog implementation.

If the issue is still reproducable for you, please create another ticket requesting this one be re-opened.