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Order of CFGMarkers
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This is only a minor issue but very frustrating in game when in the briefing or using map markers during a mission and will hopefully just take a minute to resolve

The order of markers listed should ideally be re-organised
The most useful marker, used dynamically while in game is the "dot"
The most used colours are blue and red

The current initial marker is too big and cumbersome for common use ingame

Amy markers that would be placed by the mission designer can be moved further down the list where time spent scrolling through the list to find them isn.t an issue

Could you please reorganise the markers so that the first marker placed on the map is a blue dot and the first colour that is scrolled too its red

Would be greatly appreciated


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Open the mission editor in game and try and place a marker. Order of markers is unhelpful in the majority of cases

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Minor, but still very helpful! Upvoted!

Let's think a little out of the box of what we are used to. What about a contextual menu for the colours and markers?

Terox added a comment.Mar 19 2013, 6:15 PM

Actually a user setting to organise the order and content of the listing would be by far the best solution

You could then just have a small list of in=game markers that you have defined useful

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

subclasses of markers would be nice ... for example:

class cfgMarkers {

  class Marker_Flag {

    class flag_nato {

  class Marker_Info {

   class marker_hospital {

  class Marker_Blufor {
   class b_inf {
  class Marker_Opfor {
   class o_inf {


Then there have to be additional dropdown menus in the editor. Just imagine 500 markers and more in one list ... it's terrible to browse.

AD2001 added a subscriber: AD2001.May 7 2016, 12:39 PM

Upvoted, but I don't want the first color to be blue. You can change colors with Shift+up/down.

The flags are also not really important when you do markers on the fly.. The order in Arma 2 was great! A revert to that would be awesome.

Terox added a comment.Sep 27 2013, 2:05 AM

@AD2001 what colour would you want first then?
RED: enemy ?
Blue: Friendly

Any of the other colours aren't as important, as typically when in game you either

  1. If playing as the mission commander, you mark waypoints, LZ's Rz's or Form up points for groups to move too, (typically with a blue dot)


  1. Mark enemy locations with a red dot

These are the primary reasons for marking a map and need to be done as quickly as possible with the minimum of cycling through the other options

Anything else that needs to be marked is not as time critical

Markers filtered, only hand-drawn markers are now available (the same as in Arma 2).

Black dot is now default marker.

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Well, why didn't you put colorWest on the last place and colorEast on the first place? That way we could use shift + arrow up for colorWest and shift + arrow down for colorEast, boom, fast select for the two most important colours possible.

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