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Cannot load specific infantry weapons by script
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There currently is no way to load a specific weapon by script.

addPrimaryWeaponItem, addSecondaryWeaponItem, and addHandgunItem only read from the cfgWeapons class making it impossible to add a magazine directly into the weapon's magazine slot.

It hinders features for both addon-makers and mission-makers with that lack of fine control over weapon-items.

Please either expand the above commands to also read from cfgMagazines, or add new commands to specifically add magazines into a weapon. Preferably these add-commands would be accompanied by commands that let us see what magazine currently is loaded (other than currentMagazine which doesn't work for weapons not in hand), and that let us specifically remove magazines from weapons.


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Absolutly needed

Bumping this issue as it is needed and it would be a sad thing to see it mass-closed for inactivity.

As my group is using AT-4 anti tank rocket launcher (which is disposable in real life), it would be most helpful to be able to automatically load a rocket in that launcher, without my mates being forced to do it manually.

You can add magazines directly to weapons now

player addWeaponItem ["launch_B_Titan_short_F", "Titan_AT"]

Oh, fair enough, thanks !

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Fixed. Can be closed.

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