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Modernize vehicle gunnery
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Vehicle gunnery in A3 is antiquated. Range should be automatically calculated via use of a laser rangefinder, and an onboard gunnery computer should then auto zero the weapon. Lead should also be auto calculated dynamically as the operator lases the target. Manual operation should only serve as a backup system in case of damage. This has been standard equipment and procedure in fighting vehicles for decades, never mind 2035. {F18048}


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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

We need this for modern combat, though because of detection systems we should have the manual option.

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Byku added a comment.Jun 24 2013, 12:48 PM

totally yes - but manual control should also be an option.

I'd like to see this so long as the rangefinder doesn't constantly lase like it does now; as this would make the Fire Control System constantly adjust the zeroing/elevation range to match, making gunnery far too easy. It'd be simply a matter of holding the reticle over the target while you fire (I think the AH-99 Blackfoot's cannon FCS currently works in this uber-simplified way).

The vehicle rangefinder should only calculate range when the gunner tells it to find the current target range, then the FCS should zero/elevate to the last calculated range that the gunner measured and stay there until the gunner measures the range again.

Currently it's the rangefinding that is done (more or less) automatically while the zeroing/elevation is done manually; this should be the other way around - thus simplifying the gunnery procedure by reducing the number of manual keystrokes required, while still simultaneously requiring some skill and manual input to obtain a correct firing solution.

In real life, having the FCS constantly emitting laser radiation would also allow the vehicle to be easily detected and targeted by tracing the source of the laser emission - which is part of the reason LRFs don't work that way.

seany added a comment.Jun 30 2013, 5:48 PM

The ACE team has addressed this perfectly in their mod with their great Fire Control System for vehicles/tanks etc. It works so well it could literally be transplanted into Arma3 with little change needed.

Here is a video of how it works:

Advantages of the ACE FCS over the Current FCS:

Disadvantages of current system:

  1. It relies on TAB lock /"Right Mouse Button" locking system.
  2. It is not very realistic
  3. It is affected by even minor network lag or de-sync causing many misses.
  4. Target leading is very buggy.
  5. You have to use a separate system to hit ground/area targets (manual zeroing)

Advantages of the ACE system:

  1. One less thing that relies on TAB lock so helps on the road to removing/replacing it.
  2. It is very realistic and intuitive to use, yet it is not complex.
  3. It can't be affected by Network De-sync.
  4. It is not at all buggy and there are not even small glitches. All it's features work as expected 100% of the time.
  5. Target leading/deflection is built in and works very well and again, intuitively.
  6. Because lasing is simulated you can lase and hit anything, all using the same system; Buildings, open ground, static vehicles, moving vehicles, helicopters etc.
  7. Lasing is manual and is not always on. This could allow BIS to add more features to this FCS if they wished such as Laser over heat/detection by enemy based on Lasing etc.

ace-system was very well done!

it is also a good example of a realistic solution being simply more fun.

please also consider giving the UI some love. arma looks brilliant in most cases, but things like aiming the man-portable missiles or driver/gunner views in apcs look dated.
kill the white arma UI for targeting and give each item/vehicle its own HUD or GUI. the combination of white arma UI for targeting and proper (but bugged) helmet HUD in the helicopters is especially irritating btw.

This is actually pretty important. This should include missile FCS, though, for example the Titan and other guided missiles.

Yep, i want realistic FCS just like Steel Beasts PRO PE!

In my opinion there should be following features:
-Keypress to lase target for laser rangefinder.
-Automatic range compensation and lead based on laser rangefinder's return.
-First/Last LRF return logic in some vehicles.
-Backup manual range entry.
-Simulated laser rangefinder overheating when you are using it too much.

Other changes non related with FCS but related with optics and sensors in vehicles that in my opinion should be there:
-Override option for commander to easier designate targets for gunner.
-Possibility to slave commander's thermal or peri to gun just like in M1A2 or leopard 2 tanks.
-LWS for some vehicles.
-GAS for gunner in some vehicles.
-GPS extension for commander.

This is indeed very important. I think that if the devs would like to implement this modernization, they should do this way (similar to what Astaroth said):

-When the vehicle is not damaged it should use the automatic rangefinder, ballistic computer, etc...

-If the "Instrument" region of the vehicle is damaged, also the computer which does the calculations will get damaged and the gunner should use the manual zeroing.

Another important feature:
-Modern tanks, APC and similar vehicles ALREADY have a "Laser Warning Receiver", which detects the direction of laser emissions, so why they shouldn't have this in 2035?

Realistic maybe
But fun it is not I think
Make things amusing

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