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Customizable Crates in Editor
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I feel that if possible the devs should give us a crate in the editor which has a check-list of every item available in the game including weapons, ammo, attachments, clothing, every single item. You could then place one crate and check each item you want in the crate (and how many of that item).

If this can be put into the editor rather than having to look up/remember scripts for every item it would be a big help to every single person who makes missions. Even the professional mission makers would benefit because it would save them a big step in complex gear missions.


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If this is possible, I think the devs should try to impliment this =)

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Sounds easier than scripting in crates which sometimes cause lag.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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Has anyone from BI looked into this further? The inability to export a crate to a notepad file in the same way that you can export a character loadout is extremely disappointing. I do not know if this is a difficult aspect of the game but it would be something that would make mission creation and loadouts for crate significantly better overall. As would the aspect of being able to assign a numerical value to the items you want to assign to the crate in the editor instead of just clicking the plus or minus sign over and over to get the number of items you want in the crate.

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Fixed in Eden Editor.

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