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AI difficulties entering or exiting boats/the water
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If AI assault boats are given a waypoint to move towards land, disembark and then move inland the boats' actions are unpredictable.

On occasion the boat may move up close to the shore and then stop. On others the boat may move towards the land and, while still offshore, start going around in circles rather than landing. On other occasions the process might work perfectly. These different results will often occur through different replaying of the same battles.

In the same way, if infantry are given a waypoint to board an assault boat and move out to sea, they may approach the shore but go no further, stand by the boats and refuse to get in, take an extremely long time to get in or work perfectly. Again, different results for the same battles.

This may also be the case with divers swimming to a location, exiting the water and moving inland and vice-versa, but I have been unable to track this.


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Set up a small number of assault boats offshore with a "get out" waypoint at the water's edge (deep enough for the boat, shallow enough for infantry to walk on) and then a "move" waypoint inland.

Give an infantry squad a waypoint to "get in" a number of assault boats and then a "move" waypoint inland.

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I also couldn't get my guys to get in the boat with me unless I pulled it up on land (and then I couldn't move it because it was BARELY touching ground). I had to use an Ifrit to push it back out to sea, then it floated away from me forever at the same speed (never drifted to a stop). Then I couldn't get my team to dismount while out to sea, so there they go, bye bye fellas! lol

I set up a MOVE waypoint with a diver team on an assault boat. Made it to the waypoint and gave a dismount order. They responded Understood, but did nothing.
TRANSPORT UNLOAD waypoint took them to the shore and threw them out, which is fine for infantry... but divers? cmon now. I guess I'll drop them out of a helicopter for consistency.

the ai team stay outside the boat and don´t get in....

Ran into the same problem johnofwax did. There doesn't seem to be a way to drop divers off a boat with TRANSPORT UNLOAD without the boat taking them to shore.

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I agree, I have been trying to drop Divers on a specific location on water and although the boat reaches the assigned waypoint and slows down, it starts up again and looks for the closest shore location to drop off its divers.

I wonder if we could make the boat "know" what type of "transport" it carries so it can either look for a shore point or not.

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