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Empty shells are not visible in the 1st person while shooting
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Shooting with pistol in first person the empty shells while shooting are not visible but in third person they are.

Same goes to rifle with case ammo like Trg21


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  1. Take a pistol and shoot in 1st person
  1. You will notice no empty shells popping out from the gun
  1. If you use 3rd person view , then you can see them

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If you look closely they actually become visible once they traveled far enough to the side. There seems to be some overzealous occluding going on.

Deadfast is right. If you turn your head to the right using Alt key, you can see the shells in flight. I voted up anyway because it still looks weird..

The issue is there since ArmA2.

I like to see this bug fixed , because it looks weird on pistols

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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Still not fixed. I Cant see my pistol en 3 person in me and other people

I have this issue for a long time.

From what i can gather, the bullet casing spawner seems to be misplaced way too the right of the gun for all the guns.

Really hope you can fix this, its a big deal for the believability and immersion aswell.

Actually, I have to note that most things that are close up in first person seem look really off. I believe it has to do with the way the first person camera is set up. Using the script that shows bullet trajectory, I noticed that the shots seemed to be coming too far from the lower right compared to my rifle, but when I went into third person, the shots showed correctly. I'll post some sceenshots soon.

here you go. All of the traced rounds seem to originate just to the right of the gun in first person, unless the gun is centered in you FOV. Also, when something gets too close while you're inside a vehicle, your perspective of things begins to change....

The issue is still present, hopefully it is being worked on.

Fixed in dev version 1.39.129214