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Add switch modes for a Laser and the flashlight
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This feature would add realitic attachment modes because most of modern laser or flashlight devices have more modes or they are combined (laser+flashlight)

For a example: Dbal-A2 (A3 default IR laser) have 3 modes:

  1. IR Laser
  2. IR Illuminator
  3. Red/Green Visible Laser

Flashlight - most of modern lights have 2 modes:

  1. Normal flashlight
  2. IR flashlight mode

or combined devices (IR laser + flashlight)

  1. IR laser
  2. Normal flashlight

Best would be to cycle attachment modes like Grenades does but with new key combination like Shift+L or Ctrl+L


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Not necessary for vanilla guns ,but mainly for custom modded attachments

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I agree with this wholeheartedly. It's disappointing that you have to sacrifice one for the other. Why not have both? Up-voted!

Agreed, after all, what's the point of having rails on top,bottom and sides if you can only attach a single laser/flashlight.

I don't see a point in using laser and flashlight together but one thing is realy dissaponting and thats for example MX rifle with 4 RIS rails and only two of them are usable and some kinds of attachments like bipods that clearly are made to look like RIS attachments are just the part of weapon model.

Why do you need both? If you have NVG, the light is useless, and if you don't have NVG, the lasers are useless.

Although, you should be able to use the flashlight whether it is attached or not.

What about illuminators? The PEQ-15A (as the IR pointer is modeled in-game after) has both an infrared pointer and infrared illuminator (basically a flashlight only visible under NVGs for anyone not familiar with the term). Granted the NVGs themselves aren't that affected by lack of ambient light (yet, I hope) as they should be to necessarily need an illuminator, but it's the point of switching between modes on said types of devices.

We have a key combo to cycle grenade types, why not one to cycle attachment modes? Ctrl + L or something?

well, since you have two rails on the side, couldn't you just put both ?

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+1 like i have said in my wishlist, some tactical side attachment work as : IR Laser, Visible laser, and two different flashlight in a single module, even the airsoft replica of the real one do the same !
Possibility with the light key command to switch between mods for any "side" attachment (like the NVG/IR optic) will be nice !

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Was hoping to hear if there was any progress on this?

In real life, the "IR Laser" attachment has a flashlight and two lasers (IR & Red). As Tholozor said, just cycle through with CTRL + L.

This would be a great addition. I'd like to see some kind of modular rail system eventually. That's what the rails are for after all.

Agree , after all it's a simulator not an Arcade game ...

Yes this would be nice.


What is needed is an overhaul of the whole attachment system. There must be some way to create a more modular system. The current working one seems like 1 step in the right direction, but not the full jump needed.

It's not a simulator, It's very much not a simulator. It is however simulator-like.