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Illumination from lightsources not visible during dusk/dawn
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Since as long as I can remember the series could not bring enough light from either vehicles, explosions/fire/muzzle flash/lamps or flashlights during dusk/dawn. And today with the great looking bad weather where even during daytime it can go very dark you still cant see even a hint of light from light sources. Muzzle flashes are for example visible but very dim and it doesn't cast any light on its surroundings even though it is dark.

I went with severity "major" only because now when its dark enough to not see anything and too bright to use NVG it can be very problematic to drive, see tracers, impacts from explosions, fires and so on. We miss out on an important aspect during one of the coolest times to play, when the sun sets or is about to come up, and during very bad weather. And its not a feature request either since we do have light sources - they just don't show.

I don't know if it ever will work, but I hope you guys can look into it and try.


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In editor set the time to dusk/dawn/daytime with bad weather (still dark but not night). Test things that has a light source like vehicles, muzzle flash, tracers, explosions etc.

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Image shows during bad weather the headlights on the Ifrit is on. Dynamic Lights set to ultra. This is in both alpha and dev version.

Lights are much improved and look awesome during night. Just hope the above can get better. Maybe this is being worked on towards final release.

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Added a small image (JPG) that was 159kb but couldn't get the ticket through with it for some reason (ERROR). Hope you do understand what I mean by the above. :)

yep agree - to replicate go to kamino range at 2am - lights look awesome, now try 3am - lights are dull and camp is way too dark.

I agree, the lighting effects either show up good or not at all depending time of day.

it needs to be stronger lighting and more dynamic

Very nice in the dev-build now! Way to go BIS. Light sources are amazing even during dusk and dawn.

Keep at it. This is shaping up to be epic. ;)

This has been fixed.