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AI hearing is too good
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When using the slowest crouch walk, AI seem to be able to hear you from 50m away and will switch to combat mode. {F17996} {F17997}


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I don't see how this detection level makes sense if you are moving at a slow pace, I have not tried this with slow prone crawl.

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Your description lacks important details. What do you mean by "spooked", and under what circumstances does this occur? What do you expect to happen instead?

When I mean spooked, they are on Alert Mode, this occurs when I attempt to sneak up on them from the rear, I expect them to only get spooked if I am very close or using crouch jog /sprint or standing jog/sprint to get near them.

In other words, this is an issue of AI hearing your footsteps from too far away. I'll clear up the title and description. :)

Have you tried this with different surface types, such as grass, gravel, pavement etc.?

I have tried this with grass and gravel, not pavement.

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When you throw a grenade to there feet, they do nothing... but beware of being to close, because they hear the movement of your arms while throwing! You dont believe me, try it. its true.

AI turning to the sounds is a correct feature. What's wrong and the real problem, is that sounds alone give the AI the exact description and localization of the soundmaker, allowing the AI to recognize it's an enemy and to shoot accurately even where it shouldn't.

I can sneak from behind, upon max skill AI, up to 15m, before he hears me. It's OK. But at the same time, simply hearing me for a second shouldn't enable the AI to kill me during moonless night with full overcast, without even having NVG.

My suggestion is to:

  • remove the possibility for the AI to shoot at targets, that are only heard;
  • make the sounds to be only a general indication, that something is there (a man, a car, a boat - northeast close, for example), without pinpointing the location and without any other specific information (especially which side it belongs to - footsteps are the same for everyone);
  • the sounds should put the AI into increased awareness state towards the source of the sounds, instead of turning to Combat and engaging;
  • tweak the vision of the AI, so that it doesn't see when players can't, especially during difficult daytime/weather conditions.

There should be a timer, for how long an object must be in AI's FOV, in order to be spotted. The timer would be different, with regards to which part of AI's FOV I'm in, as well as with regards to the conditions. I have no issues with the AI looking straight towards my location and spotting me after a second or two. But I don't feel it's right, when I get spotted and precisely pinpointed, while being in the corner of AI's view for a split second.

An example:

I was walking with AI team through a thick forest, during a moonless night, with full overcast above. My AIs were able to spot enemies at 75m, as soon as line of sight was established. We stopped, I used max zoom and saw nothing. I switched flashlight on and yes, there are enemies ahead. I switched it again off and tried to find them with NVG alone. Now, when I knew where they are, I was able to see a very faint silhouette. Too faint, to be instantly seen at this distance, while walking. See the screenshots for a reference.

The observation is, that the presence of line of sight, shouldn't be equal to seeing things.

AI hearing has been significantly tweaked so that it is much less accurate. This is considered fixed.