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Revert Option in MP Games
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No option to revert to previous save in Multiplayer Games.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Hit Esc to open up pause menu
  2. Save your game
  3. No option to Revert after save is complete
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This is very frustrating for those custom missions which the majority of them are one life, because you would have to start the mission all over again instead of having a save in between somewhere in the mission.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

What you can do when scenarios have autosaves or you've saved manually is getting all players killed. This will enable you to "resume" the game. Aborting the mission will not work since it autosaves your progress upon exiting, leaving you at the same position with the previous save overwritten.

Why has nothing happened to this problem? Or are the developers even gonna do revert option for MP games?

Definitely a bug.

I could not agree with this post more. This is frikin irritating for reasons all of you know. And YES..... Arma 2 had "Revert." What is so difficult in adding it to Arma 3? And to make matters worse, you cannot just quit without saving to restart later from your last save.. "SAVE AND QUIT" is the only choice you have. How stupid Bohemia. 1 step forward, 2 steps back it would seem. Here is a temporary but time consuming and irritating work around. If you come to a place in your mission where you would like to revert, Cnt + Alt + Delete and close the program from system manager. Then restart the game and resume your mission. It will pick up from your last save.

Will there anything happen to it? Im still waiting for the revert option. Its almost impossible to play missions with my friends without the revert :/

Yeah, been waiting for an answer since alpha version. It would be nice to know if you are planning to add a revert and exit without saving option in the future. And yes I know you can use respawn and revive in a mission but it's not the same. Please take this feedback to consideration at least. I myself have been playing these games since OFP and for me it's mostly about coop missions with friends, not RPG or some other ways to play that probably most people play these games nowdays.

Bohemia are you still there? I beg you on my knees, please (!!!) do something about this issue. Please add an revert option. Can't you give any answer, you said you are looking into this but nothing has happened for soo longe. Please answer :(

I've wanted to have a button to load a saved game in multiplayer for a very long time. It's so strange that it hasn't been done yet.

Devs, please look into this issue. Is there any new you can tell about this? Are you still trying to fix this? I swear Im waiting since Alpha for the load feature in Multiplayer. Please listen!