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Separate Vehicle and Infantry Mouse Sensitivities
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Split the mouse sensitivity into two sliders for infantry look-speed and vehicle sensitivity, maybe even a third for flight vehicles.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start editor
  2. Spawn a man and any ground vehicle
  3. Click 'preview'
  4. Get in said vehicle
  5. Move mouse back and forth
  6. Observe how the steering wheel functions/ how responsive it is relative to your looking speed
Additional Information

I love the way the current mouse-driving works, treating the mouse more like an actual steering wheel and having to return it back to it's position to complete a turn is quite immersive. But in order to have it be responsive enough to drive in a combat situation requires a mouse sensitivity of 75% or higher. This might not conflict with most and I could even get used to it, but I like to keep my mouse sensitivity at around 40-50% while infantry. This might not be an issue for most, and I could even "get used to" a higher sensitivity; however it would be very nice to simply set them separately a la Planetside 2 or some-such.

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That's a absolutely necessary option.
Separate mouse sensitivities for infantry, ground vehicles and air vehicles!

Kumeda added a subscriber: Kumeda.May 7 2016, 12:32 PM

good thinking.. it was already hard to fly a jet in arma2 with a mouse :D, this could make it easier!

this is one of those features that have been in other modern games for a long time now, and for obvious reasons needs to be implemented into arma as well.

Duplicate of #3668.