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Only own explosives explode, even if they are near ( less than 1 m ) to explosives that someone else planted
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If you see someone planting explosives and you want to destroy them after he left, you can't !
If you plant an explosive charge next to the explosives someone else planted and you touch it off,
only your own explosive will explode, which is extremely unrealistic and contra productive.
This also applies, if you have only 1 explosive charge and want to blow up a big building :
You try to combine your explosives with 2 or 3 other people each planting one .
If the other 2 die and your objective is to destroy the building the mission will not be complete able
because only your single charge will blow up , even if the charges are all on one pile !


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Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

go to editor
put a respawn point and a box with explosives
take and explosive charge, plant it , don't touch it off but press respawn
plant a new charge right next to the other one and touch it off
only the recently planted explosive will explode

Additional Information

currently it seems to be working like this :
only the explosives that were planted by yourself AND you did not die since you planted them will explode no matter what you do or how big your explosion is .

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In RL most of explosive devices are destroyed using explosives - you break them apart, you are not provoking a chain reaction. Heaving c4 bricks explode in a chain as you can do in BF3 is exactly OPPOSITE to realistic behaviour.

So you mean it is unrealistic, if you coop with other players to destroy some kind of base and your partners die, you cant make the other explosvies explode with your ones planted ?

this was possible in arma 1,2 and OP flashpoint i think

AND using a grenade to destray an anti personnel mine in a hard to reach place would be unrealistic ???
what do the soldiers in afghanistan do to destroy IEDs ? they blow them up dude

keeping this in mind you could take your downvote back or not if youre still in that opinion ^^

also keep in mind chain reactions will not really be possible simply because of the quantity you can carry of these c4 charges as it was always in arma ....

ViiK added a comment.Mar 13 2013, 5:45 PM

I'll repeat, in RL explosives are used to destroy other explosives, by breaking their integrity, NOT by provoking a detonation. It all depends on a particular kind of explosive material, but you are talking about a satchel charges or claymores which are NOT suppose to detonate from the explosion.

Designed behavior:
As ViiK pointed out, satchel (demo) charges do not detonate from nearby explosions. Since we dont have destructible models of items, they are indestructible in the game by nearby explosion. Compare them to the range/mechanic triggered mines (such as APERS mine) that do explode with nearby explosions/projectiles.

So, let us separate issues here:
a] do you want the C4 charges to be affected by nearby explosion such that they touch off if destroyed?
b] do you want the C4 charge to get destroyed by nearby explosion and become unoperational?
c] do you want to be able to synchronize explosions by having detonator of each charge as an item? (

solution a is what i was getting into,

you could reach that by using damage the charge is getting by nearby explosions, or being able to independly put a detonator on the charge that someone else left there .
i am talking about a way to use charges, that someone of your team planted, in the way i was writing about in the description.

yesterday i was playing a coop mission and my team could not complete it because the building we had to destroy was so massive it needed two or more charges to disintegrate.
we ended up as 3 buddies each planting one charge, as we left the building they got shot .
i touched off the charge , only my charge exploded, mission failed .
they were all on one pile inside the building.

the standard loadout of demolition soldier has 1 explosive charge in the inventory ... by the way

if its c4 used in arma as "explosive charge", thats how its named, you could detonate many c4 charges wth one charge that has a detonator by the way, it only depends on the distance to the other charges...
if they are to far to explode maybe they get ineffective, or maybe nothing happens....

i hope you are getting my point ^^

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im fine with no chain reactions, but a satchel should be able to remove planted explosives

Zodd added a comment.Mar 15 2013, 2:16 PM

The comments above stating that using explosives to destroy explosives 'blowing them apart' are incorrect. If you place one explosive hard up against another and detonate it it will explode as one.
If you place it CLOSE to another one it may depending on the power of the explosives and the distance. This is referred to as Sympathetic detonation -

Long story short - You should be able to detonate other explosives by putting your own near them as per the original ticket. In a game such as Arma the sympathetic detonation distance should be increased as it is too fiddly to attempt to place them directly or close enough to ensure sympathetic detonation (compared to the ease in real life)

More: (p 3)

The developers have the correct line here. If you guys get what you want, then you would explode, along with all collateral damage if a rocket or grenade goes off near you. Trucks, ammo caches and entire bases could be consumed by stray projectiles.

If anything should be changed, explosives should be chain able to achieve a larger explosion. This can be done with class name checks when a device is positioned to see if another is within a meter or so. If so, an option to chain to the existing object should be presented along with the set timer action.

If it is not chained with the existing, the material should be rendered useless as the consumable material is burned in the blast.

If neither are detonated, the device should be able to be disabled by engineers of any side and added to their own inventory for re-use.

if you wnt realistic, your explosion should destroy the other guy's explosive. so the first person to touch off will neutralize all other explosives in the blast radius.

@Zeloran :

I'm getting your point ...
Then other charges should get combat ineffective or destroyed like written on wikipedia ...
also, i'm suppoting the detonator thread that was mentioned, but thats another point...
The thing is : atm nothing happens to a charge planted 10cm from an explosion.

It's fixed - I've checked it now in MP on our server with an other player planting his satchels and me exploding his satchels with my own satchel. Ticket can be closed.

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