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AI Can see through thick fog.
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I created a mission where it starts VERY foggy early in the morning. There are boats about 300/400m from the shoreline the mission starts out in.

The fog being so thick, the player (person behind the screen) can not see even 50m away. But can spot the enemy as well as AI.

I have uploaded a picture (it should hopefully describe what is happening) I will see if i can create a video of it.
{F17975} {F17976}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. On the map, south of Stratis, there is a fishing hut to the west of the Spartan Symbol. Place a group with the player as the leader at the hut.
  1. Place enemy boats on the sea about 300m west of that fishing hut.
  1. Turn the fog to 100 and overcast to 5, set the date to 5th July 2035 and the time is 3:30am.
  1. See the group spot enemies through the fog from 300m away.

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Does the new fog fix this AI issue?

You're the one who reported this and supposedly has a test mission. Why don't you give it another try and see if anything has changed? ;)

(And then report back, so we can either close or update this ticket.)

Sorry lol I am not on my computer at this moment in time, just caught wind of the update while going through the changelog on the forums. :P I will check tonight and report back.

I have tested out the AI issue with spotting through the fog.

I can confirm that the AI are now spotting "Unknown Targets at 400m" if there is sound coming from that direction.

This is good because the AI is aware that there is a boat at 400m (in my test mission) but does not know what it is, or what side it is from. Same goes for Helicopters and cars.

I think this works down to 100m in full fog before the AI can identify what the target is.

I think the real issue with this is the fact that any vehicles from 300/400m away are as loud as if they were 50m away, this definitely needs a bit of work, but its getting there!

Putting enemy units down at 400m, they are stationary not moving, the AI in my group seems to... sometimes spot them.

Edit: A new issue that is not AI related..

When I, the player right clicks in the direction of the enemy units at 400m, I can spot "Unknown Targets" but that should not be possible because we cannot see into the fog therefore we are unaware of anything in there.

There is too much fog. It is not realistic...

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

Repro mission attached.

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Agree with OP.
AI engage when its not possible to see them.