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"Ai Occlusion Culling"
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If i but 500 Soldiers on one end of the map and the player on the other side. The fps drop is very high. But why do i need to calculate them if i cant see them? Calculation of AI should be bound to view distance or Object visibility. Just calculating the way points and time to get there. But not how to get there, if the out of view.

I hope you understand what i mean. My English is not the best.

I think that could be a major performance boost. If it´s possible.


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There are several instances where you want AI, which is far away from the player, to be simulated.
For example if you are playing as a helo pilot supporting multiple engagements, that are some kilometers apart.

And if I recall correctly, the AI is only simulated to a certain extend, depending on several factors, like proximity of enemy units.

But a lessened performance impact would still be nice.

i don´t think that the AI is simulated to a certain extend. If i setup a scene like describe on top in Arma 2, there is a massive impact on performance. The soldiers a 50 Km away and that´s a little to far away imo. Same in Arma 3.

I highly doubt, that will be done (and I don't want it either).

  1. if a Soldier moves from one Waypoint to another, and there is a Rock in between, he would disappear into that rock, if you are closing in at the wrong time.
  2. those simulations you are talking about, would probably need a full recoding of Arma's Multiplayer Framework (this will most DEFINITELY not happen)
  3. I like my 1500m shots.
  4. If you need a TotalWar Mission with 500 Soldiers on the other side of the map, the task is up to YOU (the Mission Creator) to manage those soldiers using the given scripting features. You need to come up with your own simulation, of how the Soldiers should behave, if the Player is, let's say, 1500m away. That can be done already.

B.I. said it would be done. AI LODs. Just makes sense.

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Makes tons of sence

YAY to sense =P

unload all behind player, just keep nodes and sound sources == LOT of FPS

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