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EMPTY Side Missing From Editor
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In the dev build, EMPTY is missing from the side selection, preventing ammo crates, empty vehicles, etc. from being placed. {F17960}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open editor
  2. Select "Add Unit" tool
  3. Double click on the map to add a unit
  4. Click the drop-down menu for "Side"

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You must place a Player unit before the EMPTY side will show up.
Been like that for a loooooong time.

+1 @Railgun

Always been like this @OP

Yep, always been this way. But, why does it need to be this way? I see the need for a player unit when going into preview but for placing empty vehicles?

Should be considered to be changed.

I think it's because of the logical steps the editor follows.

If you place an empty vehicle without anyone to board it, it's useless so it "blocks" you from doing that.
Instead if you place a Player before and empty vehicle everything is fine and the logic is executed without erros anywhere

You cannot play or preview mission without player, so just add player first :)
This task is very useless according to another much more important things.

It is not useless if you want to create some base templates for the purpose of using them in different missions using the merge function. So i create a base template at location A and another template at location B, merge them into the mission i'm actually working on.

So maybe you don't care but logically there is no reason for not being able to place empty objects. The need of a player unit is given when previewing or exporting to either SP or MP mission. A error message at this point is early enough.

I see your points and although still valid, the argumentation is too constructed to be a real valid argument.

Also it will get rid off those ever-returning question of new users "why can't i place empty stuff". And from a Moderator point of view, this isn't a useless task at all.

I'm with the OP and Mike here. No need to block the placement of empty units, just block the preview. The fact that it always was like that since the beginning of times (or OFP) isn't very convincing.

Question: How can you make a template without a Preview ?

Seriously this is a non issue.. just place a player. Erase it later if you want

@Deranged Nam Vet

please don't tell me what i have to do and what not.


Well, i will need a player unit to preview but why do i need it to place empty vehicles first?

i agree that there are much more important things but i wouldn't call it "useless". It is a valid feature request although way down below on the list.

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Can a mod change this to a feature request to allow EMPTY objects to be place in the editor without a player present (low priority)?

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Duplicate of #2557
(this issue has more votes, but poor description of the actual problem)