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Camo unavailable to other factions.
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Mission editing has never allowed us to put eastern units on the western side in the editors, but I believe in this game, with the way it uses changeable camo, you should be able to Wear the camouflage of either side. I understand why you wouldn't want this, it would lead to some issues with players identifying friendlies as enemies, which would lead to more tk'ing.
But that's part of this game, you can get into an enemy vehicle and drive it around, why not make yourself look like one of them completely. It only makes sense.

It also adds in another idea for the future, infiltration. To be able to infiltrate an enemy base by looking like one of them. If your wearing some sort of face protection and otherwise full gear, they won't be able to tell your not friendly unless they talk to you.


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Well in one of their (Bohemia's) videos, they show you scuba'ing into an enemy base, killing a soldier and taking his uniform to proceed inside the base undetected. So it's there, I just think for Alpha it's not activated, in order to keep people playing and finding other issues.

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Civilians can do it.

So for an easy workaround just use civilian players and put them on the desired side by grouping them with another unit of that side (probability of presence for that unit can be set to zero).

It's more because of a AI related problem.
They don't know how to solve the AI identifying the player as friendly or enemy when wearing their faction's camo.

IMO would be an easy fix: let AI spot you based on a "timeout" that changes on distance.

within 20 meters from enemy AI > 5 seconds to be identified
between 20 and 50 meters > 20 seconds to be identified

and so on.

Just my 2cents

They said they were cutting this feature due to it being a violation of the Geneva Convention, though yes, civilian characters are not limited in this aspect (which makes sense, civilians are not "official" combatants)

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"They said they were cutting this feature due to it being a violation of the Geneva Convention"

You can use HE rpg's excessively at will and stage massacres of civilians in arma if you want to.

The actual problem is most likely that the AI will either be too gullible or sometimes apparently psychic and there is no satisfactory and realistic way of making it better.

I'm sure missionmakers can let players switch uniforms at will in the full game though.