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Request: Allow AI to Rearm automatically.
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I am requesting to allow the AI to rearm from Ammo Boxes or dead bodies if they run out of ammo.

I created a mission where all my team ran out of ammo, and everyone died because of the issue.

Basically allow it so that mission editors have a choice as to allow the mission to include AI Auto Rearm or Disable it, and set which have the highest priority the AI rearm from.

So i could want the Ammo Box to be of higher priority than vehicles and dead bodies.

  1. Ammo Crates
  2. Vehicles
  3. Dead Bodies
  4. Ground

So if an ammo box is in vicinity of cars and dead bodies, the AI will automatically go to that first. Otherwise if it is not there, it would go down the priority list according to what is around them. If nothing is around them, they do nothing.

Of course the mission editor can change the priorities if they need to.


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Curious, I've never come across this, even in semi-lengthy engagements. Did you alter the Ammunition bars of the AIs ?

Haha no I battled for a few hours, taking over base after base town after town. Yes it was a very big quick mission that I roughed up in the editor, and in mission whilst making sure that my AI team stays safe, they went from 10 to 2, and the last 2 AI with me ran out of ammo and died lol.

Of course I could have easily told them to re-arm, but I could get killed doing so, as they would have to change their weapon to the enemies.

I could have easily uploaded the mission if i still had it as it was before making this ticket, but noone wants to play continuously for hours straight in 1 mission to test it out lol, so I made it a little easier and a lot smaller lol.

I think the way to test it out is to purposely set the ammo to low, let them run out of it and see what happens.

Arma 2 had this same problem. I remember having to use a mod to actually fix this behaviour. I can confirm this is still an issue here.

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You can give unlimited ammo to ai units and also disable reload weapon with a little script line.

@SkyFyre: Yes i think the mod is ASR AI? Or something along the lines of that. Of course someone would probably mod this at least until BIS can provide the feature.

@B00tsy: I'd prefer a touch of realism to ArmA as to allow AI units to re-arm themselves rather than cheat to have unlimited ammo and never reload... i'd leave that til last if nothing else can be done.

Anyone else interested in this feature?

Duplicate of my post