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Character don't stop to run
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The character don't stop to run (without pressing any key) after you do the following repo-steps.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. lower your primary weapon
  2. start to go (press "w")
  3. switch during your run/walk to optical sight (press RMB)
  4. switch back to normal sight (press again RMB)
  5. release all keys
Additional Information

The problem only occurs if you had the primary weapon in your hands. All work fine with handgun or secondary weapon.

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What exactly are you trying to say here? I'm confused, as I'm sure others are.

Yes, this happens to me a lot. What I have to do to stop this bug is switch to the pistol and then my man will stop.

i guess he trys to say exctly what he did say... that the soldier doesn't stop moving forward when you go through the repro steps. Most of the time it happens to me after using the map... when you close the map, your weapon is lowered.

Noticed this too. When I exit the map, my character moves forward no matter what I do. Pressing V tends to help though.

Confirming repro steps.

Wait, this wasn't reported before? It's the most noticeable bug in the whole alpha.

Closing, as this report is a dupe of #0003054, but I merged your info in there and attributed it accordingly. :)