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[Issue tracker] Feature request - Option to link identical issues
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It is currently usual to have several reports of the same bug.

Example: the bind of fast forward is on E for helicopters, with no way to change it without going into configuration files.
(not even sure I have them all)

I think it is harmful because it spreads the voting on several identical issues.

All of the instances of one issue (well, most of) are useful because they sometimes bring new information and mainly because they give a new chance for an user searching for this issue to find it and not to create another.

What I am proposing to solve this problem is to provide a way to link identical issues, and maybe to unlink it if someone decide that it is a slightly different issue.

All the votes for the linked questions should be merged, and the linked issues should be shown at the top of each linked question, the oldest first.


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Find a quite evident bug, and search for it in the issue tracker. You will find between 5 and 10 different reports of this bug.

Additional Information

The current practice is to post a comment linking to the oldest identical issue, but this is extremely limited, as not everyone looks at the comments before up-voting.

Implementation-wise, creating an IssueGroup and then linking the issues to this IssueGroup should do the trick.

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Note that issue 4184 is not related, unfortunate copy/paste.

The issue tracker needs this to reduce the numbers of multiple reports.

Or Tags should be a "must have" and the reporter has to do a tag-search before posting an issue.


There should be a way for users to tag duplicates to make it easier on mods to locate and merge them.

In addition to merging the votes, once linked, the last reported issue should have voting/commenting disabled and a link to the original issue.

It actually helps of you simply write a comment, such as "Duplicate of #ISSUENUMBER". (Include the hashtag before the number so it turns into a link, for example #0002373).

I occasionally search for the word "duplicate", and such posts have been very helpful. :)

Ironically, this request is a dupe. :)