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[Feature request] Helicopter ground aiming (while hovering)
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We need better ground targeting with fixed guns (while hovering without forward/backward movement).


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I have no idea if real attack helicopter would have possibility to tilt helicopter so ground targeting would be possible with fixed guns, while hovering without forward/backward movement.

There could be two key bindings for 'flaps', to increase and decrease angle.

On helicopter this 'increase flaps' could tilt body of copter, with getting nose lower, but without getting forward momentum.
And decreasing should getting nose up.

I did some googling and 'flaps' on planes make sense:

There was even forum article about fixed gun use on Take On Helicopters:

I belive I'm not only one who would like to see this feature.

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When it comes to the situation of fixed guns, helicopters strafe. Ever seen the ending of BHD with the LB runs? Sitting still & using them is pretty suicidal, there are some situations they might do it, however in the overall spectrum of combat they'll be doing strafes.

Before asking for a feature, please read up on the subject. What you need is practice and not "better ground targeting".

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I was just curious how real attack chopter with fixed weapons does it. Is there trimmer to lower nose without getting forward momentum... or is there some kind of angle you can lower your chopter nose, before forward momentum starts.

Maybe there is no such thing in real chopters, and maybe there should not be one in ARMA 3... But I just wanted to throw idea of this trimmer for lowering nose few degrees. You will need practise anyway with it, and you can't just hover around, as SGTIce said... I just feel, it could be more realistic that rockets/minigun is designed for ground targets too, or chopter is designed for ground attacks.

The real ones move as they fire, the guns are practically just bolted onto the sides, they have no turret, gimbals or movement of any kind independent of the direction the nose is pointing in, Its probably possible with years of experience to trim the main rotor in a manner that you can effectively hover in place, but the littlebird is not resistant to small arms fire, and is a pretty big target for any modern rifle, so I don't think you'd actually even want to stay still.

Just came to my mind that Dyslexci has a video where he's nearly hovering & using fixed guns, with foot pedals and what not but you can do so, however hovering and trying to shoot will only work for a few seconds before momentum takes its toll.

You probably could tilt the helo a bit without getting too much momentum but you have to use the cockpit tools.

wait until they give you an apache or something dude and maybe you can ride as someones GUNNER so u can do what u wish.. a fixed gun is never fired siting still..only an apache or something of that nature sits still bc they are soo far from any hostile gun fire

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Well, it seems that I'm not all wrong, there really is trim on real helicopters:

Quote from that reply:
"Force trim is (or at least was in all the UH-1s and AH-1s I used
to fly back 35+ years ago) merely a means to hold the cyclic in a given
position. You place the cyclic where you wanted it, hit the force trim
button, the cyclic stayed where it was (both in pitch and roll axis). But it
really did not MOVE a trim tab like in a fixed wing aircraft. If you wanted
to adjust the force trim, hit the button to turn it OFF, move the cyclic to
a new position, hit the button again to ON.. To be honest, I always found it
to be a real pain --preferred to fly with it in the OFF position."

trim is used in flight controls to fix an aircraft (fixed wing or rotary) in a new attitude. when an aircraft gains speed (throttle up/collective up + cyclic forward) multiple forces act upon the airframe from multiple directions, there is rotational torque from the engine, which rolls an aircraft right when increasing, left when decreasing, rotational torque from the blades which will yaw a helicopter (dependent on blade rotation direction). There is an increase in lift when the aircraft gains speed, pulling the nose up, pushing the nose down when decreasing. To counter these changes in forces, you apply trim, so instead of continually applying force to the controls the trim servos physically re-center the controls to where you are holding them, taking up the force required to keep the aircraft at the desired attitude.

helicopters strafe to fire (as in fly over targets), i think one of the Hinds have a downward angled 20mm cannon, my guess is this would be focused to a certain range whereby the pilot could hover and hit a known area on the ground.

personally in games with helicopters, i tend not to strafe directly over targets, you have no weapons that fire directly down. try firing from as far as you can - use the maximum range possible. Don't try killing everything in one go, and turn away before you get into firing range from the target, circle back and go again.

i don't think your "flaps" will change anything. with helicopter wherever the main rotor points that is where the helicopter will got however most modern helicopters have large caliber guns that can move on X,Y axises and "lock on" to specific points on the ground using lasers (external and internal) etc.

such a system exist, on the huey with its mobile mounted miniguns, Dslyecxi indeed did a video with it, but the helos in A3 are equipped with fixed arms

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Most attack helicopters (KA-50, AH-64, Mi-24V) have moving cannons (or Heavy Machine Gun like 12.7mm) but assault helicopters (like Mi-8) have fixed cannons or HMG (etc).

Rocket pods are stationary and some missile racks are tilted (like in KA-50) down when target is closer.

There are attack helicopters with fixed cannons like Mi-24P what has twin-barreled 30mm autocannon mounted to right side of fuselag. In KA-50 and KA-52 there is 30mm autocannon what has horizontal movement about -2 to +9 degrees and vertically about +15 to -45 degree.

Co-axial helicopters like KA-50 (or Mi-48 in game) have specific feature what allows them to change pitch without gaining lots of speed if not wanted.
It is easy with them to pitch down and maintain position while firing with cannon or firing rockets and missiles.

And co-axial design gives possibility to KA-50/KA-52/KA-27 etc to perform easily a "Funnel" what is strafe around the specific point (target) like this

In helicopters the trimming works little differently than in fixed wings.
Example trimming in KA-50 is little special.

You change collective in wanted position and then you press trim button and thats it. If you need to correct trim you again just change collective and you press trim again. You can hold trim button and release it in wanted flight to keep it. Then there is a trim reset function what clears trimming.

In KA-50 the trimming is actually commanding autopilot. The helicopter is very easy to fly and operate in combat as all what you actually do is you plan your flight path and then you let autopilot to fly and you only focus to aiming and firing.
With KA-50 it is actually just that you program autopilot to do what you want and then you aim and watch how stuff blows up.
The autopilot is as well different from fixed wings etc in manner that it only has 20% control. Meaning that you don't need to turn off autopilot to do corrections but you only program it to do it in new way with trim button and with PVI-800 by assigning wanted waypoints and headings.

The trim is not just for cyclic in KA-50 as it as well adjust collective and pedals. So it is very easy to actually do funnel or maintain specific pitch trough whole attack run with wanted altitude etc. Or if you are in directional flight and you spot enemy on right, you can simply use helmet mounted sight to assign a new target heading and with a flip of a switch KA-50 turns on that point while continues flying in original heading and you can just aim and fire.