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custom patch system
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It would be great to see the ability to make custom patches and have a standard patch placement system. this way when you join any server that is using standard uniforms or using uniforms with a standard for patch placement (typical sleeve or helmet velcro) you will have your custom patches. The patches would be a custom graphic within size restraints (standard patch sizes) and would be selected through the player profile. It would be nice to have the following options for patches. Name tape, callsign (examples below)

and team patch.

The ability to select where the patches go might be too complicated in programing so maybe sticking with the standards already present in most military. areas for patches to not forget; vest admin pouch, backpack, arm sleeves, helmet (if velcro present), and i am sure there are other areas this can be.

The key points to take from this in summary are, custom patches, standardizations so that they carry over to any server utilizing standard uniforms; and at least the 3 main patches (name tape, callsign, team) other patches could be moral patches, country, and state.


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Should be combined with squad.xml instead of in-game settings, to make it more dynamic for clan usage (like rank patch etc.)

See #0003882 for squad.xml improvement.

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That could be cool; just as long as its dynamic, easy to use, and doesn't tax the server or players in the server

Excellent idea. Arma 3, it's about time for something like this. Definitely +1

Would be cool but would also increase server's stability issues.. ArmA2 already has problems when the server cache folder gets filled of squad.xml images.. imagine what would happen with all that shit going on in the server :-\

I like this idea

its been done in other games with minimal to no hit, at least not noticeable... so there has to be a way.

The solution is actually very simple and it works exactly the same way as the current system in ArmA2.

  1. create a unit/vehicle model
  2. add (named?) hiddenTextures to the model to position the patches

3a) core; apply textures and show it ingame (from squad.xml)
3b) script; apply textures and show it ingame (with setObjectTexture)

  1. share texture(s) with all clients

Both the client and server impact are minimal. It only requires you to download all the images (unless it's part of a mod / inside mission file).
By limiting the filesize (.paa files are already small) it's possible to do this without any problems, even with slower internet connections.

This is real old and BIS still haven't done it?

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